happiness is in the air~ :D

oh my god. my stomach is still so full even though it's 2 hours after i'd finished the dinner at Merdeka Palace. and oh god, I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!!!!! XD i feel like listing out the names that wished me happy birthday from this early morning until now XD

ok. here goes. > Mum, dad, Hilary (good buddy! used to pentok together-gether in msn XD), Natasha, Brennan, Dorothy (these are the 3 musketeers tat i always hang out with), Mr Kiu, Ruth, Jim, Wan Hui, Azie, Roza, Annabel, the Cyber Jaya people, my sis, ah mei, ah ching, Elly, Faye, Cindy, teck chain (he's the most slumber type. he called me this afternoon asking me what was i doing first and we chatted for a while, n in the end he baru sed :"eh, happy birthday ah.") , Michelle Muchat, Wenli, Deborah, Dennis, Ivan, Adeline, Piaw (aiyah, after u got ur car license thn we go makan together-gether la), kiat yeong, ah kiam, Hannah, Fiona, Amber, Jeffery, Caryn, Melvyn Ting (hmmph, always call me Tay Epal XD), hSin, Amy, Lee Fang, Wendy, Liza, Ricky (my energetic cat partner during the parade XD), Gordan, Daniel, Vivian, Esther, Chung Hueng, Wie Nie, Terrie, and all of those who sent me greetings inside my Friendster profile :D


and the food at the Merdeka Palace just now was just... ah.. they just made me speechless. i mean, i feel like i'm Jack from Titanic, you know... looked at the cutlery and wondered what are they for? O.o'''' and the food.... god... the starters were already too amazing for me. GOT MUSSEL SOME MORE!!!! @.@ and then smoked Salmon fish.....beef.. bread...prawns... nyaaaaa~~~~ XD (btw, i'm lazy to edit the photos... so.. haha..

<< Dorothy (she adds muhibah-ness into our life. serious) and my Nii-san@Brennan!

<< Natasha! another best bud of mine. and together-gether we always make nest inside Brennan's car XD

<< wheeee~~~ me and my present from Natasha. while the shirt i'm wearing is from my cousin, ah mei!

^ nyahahaha~~ the starters and the mussel~!!!!!

at first it was said that only Dorothy, Brennan and Yen ( yalah..the usual gang la XD) are celebrating my birthday at MP. thn Mr Kiu from the Marketing department came also, with another CHEESE CAKE!!!! nyaaa~! (yea.. i love cheese cake. my cousin Ah Mei brought me out for shopping and ate a piece of cheese cake at Secret Recipe this afternoon. thnx~!) so in other words... i'm a 'cheesy girl' today XD. with cheese-filled pizzas some more! damn... no wonder my stomach still feel so full until now. they are all cheese inside my stomach!!!! O.O''' i must have gained 5 kilos just in one night!!!

<< yeah~~ Mr Kiu~! (the one bside Natasha) the anime lover!

^ the Pizzas and the 'Kilkenny' beer~~ Dot and Bren drank tat. i only took a sip, which tastes very nice :D


i really enjoy my dinner at Merdeka Palace. the whole 5 of us are anime lovers (yes, Mr Kiu also) and we chatted about topics ranged from anime to the gossips around LICT. and we laughed a lot. what to do? we all are very bubbly people XD oh god, thank you so much for giving me such wonderful friends~! love them alot!!! and we shall always live in muhibah-ness XD lol!!

oh yeah~ i'm finally 18 years old and is enjoying my life to the fullest. I really love my family and friends. and my pet Meeko XD he waited for me at the road side, when i got back from campus, then wagged his tail when he saw me inside Dot's car. maha! how nice is that?! :D

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pauline / pamela said...

happy birthday!!! sorry a lil late :P heee. havent been online for a while. take care, have a blessed year ahead!