of figurines and goth

the weather is kinda blazing hot these days.. yeah.. making everyone suffer 'instant bad temper-ness' occasionally...including me... well yesterday i was feeling down and angry because of the work load and the annoying people. yare yare...

SO~ after the hectic night i had (rushing work until 1.30 a.m) today, i decided to give myself a break and went shopping with Natasha and Brennan. nyahahahahahahaha~!!! it's time to convince myself to buy something expensive sometime. mahahahahahaha~! :p

first stop~! Kaya Toast for breakfast. and i actually thought that mocha is a kind of coffee until i tasted it... it's sth like chocolate.... please forgive my lack of coffee knowledge.. hehe....

second stop~! Kenyalang!!!!! lingered there for quite long. we took our sweet time browsing through rows and rows of animes.. nyahaha! each of us bought one anime in the end. i found Honey and Clover 1 to 26 (end) for Season 1, DVD, which just costs around RM 15.. mahahaah~~ yea, i bought that >:) haha! Hilary~ i got a collection for Honey and Clover liaw~! mahahahaha~! me and Natasha also purchased some make up stuff... well.. for the Goth Night on this Friday :p i'm gona look my best as i'm one of the performers XD bought one cheaplak neon yellow nail polisher (kinda more like retro, not goth..) , 3 yards of white laces (i'm gona D.I.Y my clothes), shining white face powder (gona be like a corpse) , and a colourhair gel for my hair. i bought violet colour.. for the concept of my attire is based on this character>>
yay~ Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man. her actual hair colour is violet :p but i'm gona wear sth like this la..
i got the white long sleeves shirt. got dress. got a pair of socks just like tat. all i need to do is 'violet-fy' my hair and add some laces XD thn i'll be ready to go :p

third stop~ Merdeka Palace's Seattle Coffee to have lunch :p i ordered a piece of cheese cake again ( i cant get enough of cheese ;p) with a reasonable price :)

fourth stop~ Sarawak Plaza. hmmm.. didnt really do much here. looking at the figurines.. animes again... searching for Savage Garden CD but to no avail.. (I saw one at Hock Lee's Speedy 2 months ago!!!!) .. end up just bought my hair wax from Watson :p

5th stop~~ our favourite shop.. nyahahahaha~~ Momo Toys >:) the heaven for figurines collectors~! all of them are IMPORTED from Japan. no cheaplak China or local made one. those inside the shop are of HIGH quality and most of them are hand-made! the tauke of the shop is one otaku himself and is happy to take our orders. yea~ he provides all the Japan-imported figurines magazine for us to browse through and choose from there, and he'll help us to order. nyaaaa~~~~ and the best part is, he sells all the figurines in their original price. no addition on tax or charges or whatsover ;p so if the thing is 500 yen, we can buy it in RM 15. not RM 20 or RM 30 like those cheaplak figurines out there. where i cant even recognize the faces of certain BLEACH characters! so in the end, i bought one cute anime girl figurine and Kazu from Air Gear.. which is.. omg~ the Kazu figurine is just PERFECT!!!! O.O'''
the first thing that caught my eyes when i saw this figurine is the pink bunny on top of her hair.. haha XD


Kazu~!!!! love the lighting!!
Kazu! Close Up!!! the face is exactly the same like in the manga/anime!!!
other views of the 'Air Gear-ing' Kazu~! damn~! you can even feel the movement and the action even though the figurine is just standing still!!!!

and i bought it in just RM 15!!! imported from Japan... aaah~~~ i was plannin to order Rin Tohsaka (all her figurines are so damn nice~!!! but too bad all of them are hand-made.. and the prices are also very pretty too.. yea..) and the Chibi Ryuk from Death Note (again.. hand made..*poof*) so in the end i ordered a set of Rozen Maiden dolls for me :p RM 15 for each doll. mahahaha~ so gona prepare money for them~! XD

well.. might as well show off my Gundam Seed - Impulse which i bought at KL last year :p

hohohohohohohohohohohohohoooh~~~~ i'm gona buy Freedom next time. when i have the guts to spend money again :p

right now.. yea.. return back to my normal life style XD


AK@SH Wee said...

ano... where is momo toys?? iwanna noe... i wanna go buy too... tell me pls tell me...

and dun forget to take lotsa pics of the cosplaying... will be anticipating it... XD

eiChi said...

eh to... Momo Toys is somewhere around 3rd mile. near the manga bookshop there (the star). :p

AK@SH Wee said...

i found out that its actually the shop where SAMS ppl usually visit for models... but really that cheap mer?? rm15??

Alexis von C said...

Hey, no i dont have open canvas and cool pictures.. you really managed to capture the figurines at its full glory ^ ^

Anonymous said...

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