I rule the night~! bahahahaha~! *pentok*

ooh~ just noticed that my blog has reached 300 posts. ahahahaha.... SPARTANS~!!!!! :D

ok. i'm random tonight. no antidote, sorry. bahahahaha! and tomorrow is the starting of my Semester 2 at LimKokWing~!!!!! nyaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ 2 months have passed to quickly and aah~~ time to embrace my brains and art materials again :D (shit, this is so like Morita-san from Honey and Clover. n yep~! i like him coz he's talented and weird!)

well..since they (LICT) are gonna combine both Feb and April intake students together, they have divided all of us into 2 classes with different lecturers. hmm.. yeah..WHAT THE *TOOT*?? O.o''' we weren't supposed to know our class yet but nii-san (Brennan) managed to get hold of them first and told me straight away. i'm gonna be in Class A, together with Wie Nie, Chain, Esther, Sarah, Fion and etc. lecturers are Soo Boon and Alex (the newbie, whose goofy grin always freaks me out!!) and they still havent decided our photography lecturer. Brennan is in Class B, together with Ivan, Jim, Dennis and the rest.. and they gonna have Petrus to teach them.

*wails* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~ T_T me and nii-san got separated!!!!!! Brennan~!!! don;t leave me!!!! T_T Brennan tried to ask Rose to let him transfer into Class A but she said it's final!!!! the hell~!!! and people from different class cannot team up as a group even though the assignments are gonna be the same!!! and i want Petrus to me my lecturer~!!!! T_T this sucks real bad.... *continues to wail* ok.. guess i need to try my luck and ask Rose again tomorrow :p

lets see.. my 2 months long holiday.... is filled with work and activities and hanging out with my friends. lots of things happened during the holiday. i saw and experienced new things. things like handling matters skillfully and learned some CG skills XD hurray~!!!! and after being with Dorothy (me, Bren n Natasha's beloved admin@friend) for 2 months, we all become so 'muhibah' like her and go 'la dee da' all the time :D well. i bet you guys don't understand them but yeah... Dorothy is a great person. she is wise and her knowledge in English literature is darn good. yes~ we learn new things from her everyday :D she is also a pro opera singer~ hurray~~~

ok ok. i think i shall start blogging about the goth night :D wheeeee~~

hmm...i must admit.. not everyone turned up that night, which was sad coz we expected more. well.. maybe is becoz of the damn hot weather that people rather sit comfortably inside their room with the air-con on. paradise XD anyway, some students really DID support the party, and they really dressed up like real Goth!!! well.. i don;t think you guys wont be interested to read about our preparations and stuff (yea.. we worked hard) . i start with me and Brennan having our make up done at Natasha's house :p

err.. yea.. we took our bath there. Natasha wore her RM200++ Goth dress which she bought at KL last month and did her make up straight away (she told me she's a tomboy but man, she just bought a dressing table and has cosmetics everywhere on and in it XD *smirk* and she knows how to make up) me and Brennan wore identical outfits -- white long sleeves shirt and long black pants. both of us were lazy to buy costumes just for this event..hahaha... we are definitely brother and sister XD

anyway, Roza and Annabel arrived after that, changed into their outfits (dress) and had their make up done by Natasha. she did Brennan's face too XD made him looked really dead :p i was kinda impatient so i did my own make up, first time. well.. i do know that we need to put on foundation bfore we apply anything onto our face.. but heck.. i don't care.. seriously O.o''' i just put on my shiny white eye shadow i bought the other day (just RM1, cheap stuff) and draw some patterns on my face, just like Allen Walker in D.Gray-man, using my mum's eye-liner.. bahahaha~~~ n my so called make up was done!! :D oh yea.. i used Natasha's concealer and put it on my lips to make me look real weak XD and guess what, i took a longer time to do my hair :D nyahahahahahaha~~ i admit, i care more about my hairstyle then the pimples popping out on my face :p hehe.... glad that i bought the violet my gel. the colour really stands out on my hair :D btw, i also drew a cross on nii-san's face, so that both of us would really go to the event as brother and sister. him looking smart while me looking wild and messy XD bahahahahaha~!

Annabel, Roza and Natasha. Annabel was an alive corpse. Roza was a vampire, and Natasha is Ayumi XD serious, she looks like Ayumi from certain angles!!!

hehehe..... before and after edit :p oh! i forgot to mention that i got tie white laces around my colar. :D and i borrowed the red oval pendant from my mum.. while the one with the violet roses is mine :p

nii-san... looking real dead XD he was trying so hard to show a serious/angry face just for the Goth look XD

ok~! we arrived early at the campus :p helping out here and there. Brennan was the Quality Control of the night. Natasha was in charged of the games while me in charge of the fashion show. and i had to perform too O.o''' i was told to sing 'Ode to my Family', The Cranberries's song and Perpetua (president of the Music Club) with one of her band member were to play the guitars for me :) i only had 2 practices the night before the event. i went with Perpetua's band, which is a local known band called XO ( i think..short for Extraordinary) .. formed by all girls, n yeah, they ROCK! they were the finalists in BLAST OFF last time and were called to do performances all over the town :D it was the first time for me to be in a jaming room with real rockers, and i get to see a different light of them :) they are really friendly,and the band members are of different age. it's good to see them playing music together regardless of each others background and age.

anyway, back to my topic. so i was to perform that night, and was dead worried becoz i had only 2 practices and the cord they played were lower then the original one. which means i'm gona hav a hard time singing the first few verses of the song as it's so low for my voice. my voice isnt suitable for such low tunes. and they didnt turn up for the rehearsal and they arrived just 15 minutes before my performance... oh god... that really freaked me out O.o''' it;s good that i'd practiced my voice for the song while helping out in the changing room for the Fashion Show.

in the models room....

L: Sharon with her Goth Lolita dress. R: Sonia, our pretty Emcee of the night :D

make up make up~! :D
i like this pair the most~! (i mean the make up) tat is Ah Siao and his gf, Michelle~! :D

L: Jeffery's hair. R: Andrew's hair...

outside the changing room...before the party started..
the emcees getting ready.. tat's Ivan, my big brother :D with his Lestat look XD

L: at the registration table... R: Fifi@Fiona looking so elegant in her Goth look :D

L: Natasha with her Goth dress and WINGS~!!!! O.o'''' tat one costs about RM 50.. the wings.. R: me la.... simplest and cheapest Goth outfit ever.....

oklah..after that, we all busy doing our stuff and tada~~~the guests arrived. i shall just put the photos here.. lazy to elaborate XD

errr... it's actually a He, but prefers to be a She.... yea.. u know..... and he/she won the Queen of the night... guess i should call him 'She' thn...

taking photo with Terrence and the new intake....my face look purplish~! O.o'''

these are my AT friends.. n yea.. Albert's concept of Goth is to be 'sexy'.. LOL!!!!

my seniors~!!! Elysia (L) looks so pretty while Shafiq... well.. we all know that he's the clown of the class..... Brandon looks good with the hat :D

Shafiq's gang with Lestat XD

one of the new intakes... looking good :)

yea.. 'She' and his friends :D i really admire their guts to really dress up like this! :D *salute*

and Ah Siao became like this after being 'tortured' by hus gf XD Michelle! u did a great job on his face~! XD

ok. after that. the party started and i was busy worrying about my performance so i didnt take any photos.... phew~~ luckily my confidence came back when i stood by the microphone and started to sing the song.. while trying my best to control my voice at the lower part. and guess what, i got cheering all along and after tat, my seniors all came to me and said they love my voice and singing :D yay~! one of them even thought i was lip-singing! n when she found out it wasn't, she went all shocked and praised me alot. wow!!!! well. i recieved one negative comment from Fion though (she was standing next to the speaker). she said my voice isnt suitable for this song (it is suitable for me, in its original note la. the one i sang tat night is lower oledy T_T) and i couldnt make the crowd 'higher' (haha.. yea, i know from the start, becoz it's a slow n emo song la! XD) anyway, i forgot to ask my friend to take photos of me during my performance so i have to wait for my lecturer to gime them :p

so after my performance.. i was busy again with the fashion show.. didnt even really enjoy the food :p only ate a bit of bee hoon. i only took pictures after the XO band performances, which truly rocked the whole night! they played Zombie from The Cranberries and duno what rock song from Nirvana. the guys really went crazy when the band played Nirvana's song :)
the band~! the Lead singer (forgot her name.. the one sitting down in the middle) has a really strong and powerful voice. u can really feel the energy when she sings 'Zombie'. i like the one holding the candle thing. she's friendly and is a drummer :D

yay~~ me and my new friends :D the 2nd from the left looks like a chinese but speaks malay, and she's a vocalist teacher, plays piano in the band :) 1st on the left is one of the guitarists. she's nice too. she and perpetua (3rd on the left) played 'Ode to my Family' for me. the one standing in the middle is the bassist.

there were games and lots more performances during that night.. but i'm really lazy to type out now as it's near midnight.. n i';m still planning to watch my Honey and Clover XD oh, btw, the party was ended early becoz of complaints from the nearby police. wtf?? we got permit from the main police station to held this event oledy O.o''' welll.. we were too loud also la... haha! esp during the ending part, where XO performed and the crowd went wild during the crowning of King and Queen...

well... guess my post ends here then. i'm hungry :3

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