yay~~~~ it rains yesterday and today~!! wheeeeee~~~


sorry, just feel like laughing :p

first class (yesterday) was Creative Study, and guess what we all have to do? hehehehehe... a COMIC!!! :D around 12-18 pages :p yay~~ it's gona be so fun coz.. you know la... i'm a manga lover :p but it's not gona be easy. we need to do mind maps, then visual mind maps, then story line and script, sketches of character design and also the comic, a journal..and the final product --- our own comic book.

lalalalala~!!! the lecturer gives us 4 theme to choose - Adventure, Horror, Comedy, and Romance. well.. i straight away cancel out the last one :p no romance comic for me even though i love Natsume and Mikan pairing that much! lol! so i choose adventure.. with a little mix of horror... muahahahahahahahahahahahaha~~~~ actually i was thinking of doing adventure with a little humor inside, which means Adventure plus comedy as the sub theme. but then, when i tried to think the possible storyline for my comic, every idea of mine seems to have blood and gruesome images in it.. so might as well just do adventure with horror =_=''' ahahahahaha....

yare yare.. gona start to do lots of research and sketches for my comic book. i swear to myself that i'm gona produce the best ever and get an A+ again! well.. if not A+ thn at least get an A la....ahahaha.....=_=''''

and today we had photography class.... we had a lecture from our lecturer first. the whole morning he just briefed us on the module... the camera.. some of the rules bla bla bla... holy shit! i can't afford to buy the camera! which costs about RM 3000 and above! O.o''' i tried to loan one from school but they only has the manual type.. shuck...i asked around my seniors whether they can lend me theirs or not, just on Tuesday... they can't..... ah ah ah ah ah~~~~ i love photography but why oh why does the camera has to be that expensive??? O.o''' *sobs*

la dee da! the above topic makes me feel so sad T_T so...

Honey and Clover~!!!! good anime!!!!! touching!!!! it's about life and the choices in it!!!! damn awesome anime!!!! great songs, good for relaxing!!!! and nyaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ it's so random at times!!!! XD

life can be really dramatic. hohoho.. i duno what to type anymore.


Michellious said...

Does it have to be the Rm3000 types?

I have a DSLR and it only costs about RM2388 (must be cheaper now though). I know some Nikons which are cheaper than mine! And better too.

eiChi said...

wow.. so cheap! does your one included the tripod, bag, memory card and stuff? the one i bought is Nikon D40x with 2 GB memory card, costs about RM 2650