wek~! got tagged by Hana-hime~! :D and yes, Hana, you're right XD i will do it no matter what :p *plus it'll be a nice excuse for me to post something other than my campus life XD *

so here goes..

5 Things in my Bag
- my purse
- a notebook
- a sketch pad
- pencil case
- graphic pens

.... what.... i'm an art student bah..... well...i'm gona reveal the other things that is put in my bag too. ehto... my earphone, my CHi-chilicious pop gloss, mahahaha~! and erm... some graphic magazines :p aha! i love my bag XD

5 Things in my Wallet
- money $$$$$$ (always 'refill'. mahaha!)
- business cards
- IC
- coins
- my photo... eeww....need to change it...

5 Fav things in my Room
- Precious no. 1! >> my PC!!! mahahaha~!
- Harry Potter stuff
- Anime/Manga stuff (including the figurines)
- Natsume (my bear)
- aargh~~ i love everything in my room la! my room = me

mahahahaha! but i really need more space la.... hehe...

5 Things I'm Currently into Now
- Honey and Clover and its songs!!!!
- Gakuen Alice manga and fanfictions
- Figurines (oh dear..)
- weird looking rabbits!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~ XD

5 person that I will Tag
- Natasha
- Adeline Chen
- Daphne
- duno who to tag liaw...... ahahahahahah~

Honey and Clover~!!!!!

and i'm gona watch the real life drama version one liaw~~~

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