gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~ *pentok*


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ahahahaha... both comic and history of arts assignments are slowly eating me from the inside out. yea.. they start eating me from the brain.

my lecturer didnt really tell us the type of mind map he's expecting to see from us so i feel kinda angry+sad when mine was just cosidered normal. haha.. ya.. i admit, i always wanna produce the best when it comes to art and design. so hell yeah, that small incident actually has the impact strong enough to push myself outside the limit for the next assignment. yare yare... that means my brain has to suffer again. =_='''

the history of art assignment is quite a pain in the ass.. even though i like it so much. i mean, i get to research books and websites like a pro just to do a book about History of Art in my own style. yay~ that's fun! but the researching and editing.... ooww..... there are so many art movements in history (the main ones are Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Past Impressionism) and we have to read them up then summarise each of them using our own words. O.o''' *wails~* and we have to do mind map for each of the movement!!! *wails even louder* i felt blur and dizzy when i was just halfway through Renaissance this afternoon in Wikipedia... dang... i really need to search for a good history book and summarise from there. i have to protect my eyes from starring at the screen too much @.@

i'd finished searching the 50 popular artwork in the history, and this is one of my favourites XD
this was drawn by Jean Honore Fragonard during the Rococo period. the title is "The Swing" i like it coz the drawing looks soft and fantasy-like at the same time :)

and oh... life drawing.. =_=''' we have to draw human figures for baby, little kid, woman, man, and elderly . most of my friends are having trouble coz they are used to draw anime-like characters already. lucky for me, the first ever drawing that i did was a distorted little girl. that was when i was around 5 or 6 years old. i saw my sister on kept drawing girls so i just followed whatever she drew. so basically i have no basic knowledge on how to draw a human properly. normally the correct way to draw a human figure is using squares and circles as a guide, plus some lines. as for me, i just imagine or look then draw :p so my human figures usually turn out weird.. with wrong proportion sometimes. now, in order to improve my figures drawing, i look at 'quality' nude pictures, just to study the proportion and the muscles XD and after 13 years of drawing 'weird' human body, i finally know how to draw a real human with correct proportion XD yay.... i want Killkenny to celebrate this.

met a git yesterday who has the worst attitude problem i've ever seen. yeah..... very annoying. i wont elaborate on this topic. i wana let this blog keep to a cheerful side XD

ok.. i'm hungry and tired right now. better grab sth to eat before i sleep (i dont care if i get fat! wait.. i wont anyway, no matter how much i eat...bahahahahaha~! envy me!!! just joking) it's an outdoor activity for tomorrow Design Studies class... gah... and Hilary has invited me to watch Ratattouiie (yeah, wadever.. it's the movie about the rat that cooks) with his gang (i heard got Terri, Faye and Gary) damn i wana go~~~~ T_T it's been months since i last saw them. miss them lots! esp Hilary and Faye. i promised Hilary that i'll try my best to watch with them in the afternoon..... i just hope that both Petrus and Alex will release us before noon time :p

la dee daa~~~ time to sleep then.


Hana said...

eeee you get to see nude pictures legally!! LOL. walao i never knew art was so tough either. Well, good luck on all ur assignments! =D

eiChi said...

Thnx! yea.. it's tough...T_T especially when it comes to the idea and thinking part. but still i like it la :p very fun to do. hehe... and very hard to find pro nude pictures nowadays.. most of them are self cam-whoring one.. lousy :S