the Akiyame! Ossu!!

yes, i know i shouldn't be blogging right now and should be rushing my comic instead.. however, since our beloved History of Art lecturer had extended the art history assignment dateline until next Friday, and i still got 5 more pages of comic to be colored... so.. WHO CARES~? i'm so touched right now that i really wana blog about it!! :D

well.. you might say i'm being emotional. but as watching my 'baby' grows day by day, i can't help but to feel proud and happy at the same time. FINALLY MY FORUM IS GROWING!!! :D

yes. the Akiyame Forum. it's supposed to be a LimKokWing Borneo Campus Comic Club forum, but since i'm the one who started it and manage everything inside, some of the forum members actually referred to it as 'eiChi's forum'... and yea.. now seeing more and more people are joining the forum, yea.. it's really watching your baby grows, and u cant help but smile. and i smile myself silly looking at my com screen XD

in the first few month after the forum was born, it was only me, hana-hime, Ammylaw, ah kiam, allan, and chouji who are active in the forum. n now. we have 26 registered members. most of them are from Swinburne Anime Society a.k.a SAMS and now more LKW members are joining! and what makes me more happier is that the members started to interact with each other and more topics are posted! :D i'm really happy right now.. bliss XD i mean.. finally there's no need for me to go into the forum everyday n try my hardest to post up interesting topics for ppl to post. now they are posting interesting things themselves! YAY!!! keep up the good work guys!!!! :D

i really really really appreciate all your supports towards this forum.... i'm touched.. really :) MINNA-SAN!!!! HONTO NI ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!!!!!!!! *bows x1000000*

and here;s sth to shock my anti-haruhi frens

Brennan! scream all you want. but i've decided! i'm gona watch this anime despite the weird storyline. i admit i got hurled inside the crazy fandom as well...... lol..

ok.. time for comic assignment again..... fark.

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