the cause of sleepless nights

the cause of sleepless nights, originally uploaded by tayeichi.

oh god.

sleep at 5 am and wake up at 7 everyday. just doing this bloody comic.. manually


everyone has become randomly random these days.


Timothy said...

I thought only us Computer Science students did that, spending our lives looking at code, doing maths and going crazy over UML.

Come to uni: everyones random in one way or another. Expect the Business and Commerce students.

Hana said...

OMG! You got self-drawn manga!!!!

Can I read it when you're done? Can I???

eiChi said...

@Timothy: well. i guess everyone in uni does that.. i mean, staying up late at night just to figure out/do sth =_=

@hana: lol! yea.. i', gona post it up anyway. but it's gona be CRAP! T_T