midnight post

ah... since most of them had already blog about the bloggers meet and wanted me to post also (it's actually called CatCity Clique). i didnt know about this event until ah piaw@RetroMayday msged me on Thursday, and so that afternoon i quickly registered myself together with Brennan's name and woot! we managed to be inside the top 50 bloggers who would be given free StarBucks drink XD

anyway, i wont blog much about it as my assignments are in pending mode right now. better hurry up and finish them. so! photos!

yea.. it's held at Kuching's Starbucks... btw.. do you guys see Fion at the corner there? neh~ the one wearing the blue jacket XD bahahahaha!

yea..my name is at the top there...

the Swinburne kids..bahaha! joking XD L to R : piaw@RetroMayday, ah Kiam, Billy@rollsroyce, and shengHan@ember (you guys can get their links at my side bar there.. just look for thier names la..)

and here comes Jimmy the Chin.. lol! knew him since.. last year kah? cant remember. he's the one who manages Cosworld (Kuching's official cosplay society).. and guess what? i designed the logo for them XD anyway, finally get to meet him face to face XD

weeee~~ BenMoh~! one of my senior from GRSS last time! didnt know he got go also :D

ok. this is Allen. this is my second time meeting him (first time was at the Rainforest Music Festival).. oh well.. he wishes to stay anonymous..... eh sis!! ur friend le :D

i duno who are they.. but i know they are bloggers too....

games started... it;s a trivia btw. and winners got money~~ i didnt participate coz i was busy shooting all of them. *bang*

finalising the result...

the final battle.....which is scissors rock and paper.. n the blue shirt guy won..

another senior from GRSS! :D Gladiezz~~ XD ok.. now maybe some of u got shocked coz i wore a skirt. the reason? i wore that skirt the other night (for the Akiyame dinner) n my mum shook her head when i was about to throw it inside the washing machine. she sed: "hai.. just wore once then want to wash oledy..." tat's y..

i see them taking photos so i took also. XD

n here's the group photo taken from Jimmy's blog :p didnt edit it

bfore i left ( i had to leave early due to assignments) , yea, i took photo with the guys. Billy was nowhere to be seen.

and that's all for bloggers meet :D


the official Akiyame dinner!!! held at the Italian restaurant in Merdeka Palace. again.. just look at the photos. (there would be quite alot of self-portraits though)

tsk tsk tsk. first one oledy self-portrait

wie nie and fion... were hungry...

and we must appease the Dot XD

fellow members arriving..

oo~ Dexy Sexy XD btw, the Gourmet Club was there too, and Dexter is the president :p

yeah~~ PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 n tat's Fion :)

group photo. i was the photographer

this one is with me inside. Yen was the photographer.

didnt take the pictures when they were eating.

anyway. here are some misc. shots which i love.

the kitchen?

wie nie as a model!!! :D

me as a crappy model :D

tat's Wie nie.... :p


ok ok ok!!!! i guess that's all for tonight!!!!!! i need to do my work liaw!!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~!!! bloody assignments!


AK@SH Wee said...

forgive me for asking... but why do those pics look so unlike they are taken by a dslr?? and so much noise...

btw... u, zeraato, and fion looked rather special... just like:

EiChi - famous popstar/singer/actor/VVVIP

Fion - assistant, carries bags, help with make up...

zeraato - body guard... escort...


eiChi said...

LOL~!!!! nola! dont say like tat la.. they are my LICT best friends le..

anyway. about the photos. because i made it like that :) i like the normal film effect :D

Timothy said...

Did you crank up the ISO to 4000 or what?

Who says you dont have a life?

AK@SH Wee said...

yea i guess the high ISO has some effect on the photos...

eiChi said...

@timothy and ak: yea, i used the high ISO :p or else it'd be too dark

and lol! yea, i have a life, n i enjoy every seconds of it :D