Take a Short Break!

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alright! this week is gona be REAL hectic for me. we have less then a week to finish the WHOLE comic assignment.. which i have doubts already whether i can finish in time or not. i mean... i just started to sketch my 30 pages comic! and we still have the journal to do! fark~!! fark fark fark fark~~~~~ O.O''''

and there's this History of Art book.... also due on the same day... which is next Monday..... i'm tellin ya, it's gona be hectic. i need more coffee. seriously.

well. i promise if i have any free time during these days i'll definitely post up the pictures i took during the official Akiyame Dinner held at Merdeka Palace and also the CatCity Bloggers Meet that was held at Starbucks yesterday. finally met Jimmy and Allen and had a good chat with them.

ok! back to work! i've already told my friends that straight away after we hand in the assignments on next Monday, it's time to PLAY! :D

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