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mahahahahaha....haha.. haha...ha....

finally finished and submitted my comic to the lecturer.. had a short presentation for it, and i'm the only one that finished everything properly in time. well... i'm kinda scared tat ppl might say me 'kiasu'. so before any of this kind of thing spread around the campus, i wana state out that this is not 'kiasu-ism'..but erm.. workaholic n i really wana do my best in everything. :) if i'm really 'kiasu' thn i wouldnt have let my friends to use my scanner and taught them how to use photoshop for the comic :D

anyway~ even though this comic assignment is finished. my god! still have Art History Timeline Chart, Communication Through Type, Typeface book and also some company's work to rush! gaaaaaaaaaah~!!!!!! that's why as you can see, i'm still awake right now, bahaha. eiChi is slowly becoming an owl. woot. where's my Harry?

last Sunday went for a family gathering. it's my mum;s side family. Both small uncle from UK and 3rd aunt from Sg were back in Kuching so one of my big cousin decided to held a mooncake festival gathering at his new house (actually not quite new la.. he bought it at the beginning of the year). Oh! and Ah Ching is back from KL too! so yea.. you guess it. it was a very muhibah night XD everyone was hugging when they see each other and some cousins even brought along their girlfriends! baha! n i'm expecting one of them to held a wedding dinner by the end of this year. mahakhakhakhakhak (ee! new way of evil laugh). n that cousin of mine already assigned me to be his photographer if that ever happens (which i have no doubt will XD) oh yeah, nearly all of them (including cousins n uncles) were so eager to know more about my Natsume - Nikon D40X ! lol! some of them also feel like buying one for themselves :p N I DRANK RED WINE!!!! :D :D :D :D well.. only one sip. coz my mum was there.. n i had to rush my work that night.... so.. wait. i got secretly drank one more sip after that from Ching's cup. bahahahaha. :] if there wasnt any assignments to rush that night, i would sure ask for a glass! hmmph!

here are some of the photos..

after this happy gathering, i experienced happiness again with my new macro filter XD it's not new la.. quite old.. my sister's boyfriend (a.k.a my future brother in law) owns it. but since he;s not using it anymore, so he gav it to me. bahahahahahahahaah!!!!! so on Tuesday when we had to go to Semenggoh to have outdoor photo shooting, i took out my macro filter and shocked everyone XD me so bad! and since Semenggoh is a place for nature (flowers n so on la) i just used my macro filter all the way until we reached the place where the orang utans is fed.. n my macro filter was temporary useless for almost an hour. I DONT HAVE A BLOODY TELE LENS (zoom lens). the major task on that day was to shoot orang utan while it's eating. but then the orang utans were like 5 meters away from us people! dang! i had to ask around my frens who have the zoom lens to lend me theirs. even though i didnt have a long time to shoot the orang utan using their zoom lens, i managed to capture some clear and basically good shots :p bang! i killed the orang utan! XD

well. here are some of the photos i took that day.. i like them so much. btw, i found out that most ppl love macro photos. i think maybe it's because macro photos always cause people to loose their breath. that kind of feeling is undeniably, shocking :p for example, this.

this isnt my photo. but a photo i stumbled upon months ago in flikr. this photo really took my breath away. gosh.......

anyway. just some of my photos from Semenggoh.

and these chickens are from 10th mile. we were stopping by to get some lunch when we saw CHICKENS!!x :D

aww.. cute right? but smelly =_=


ok ok. this post shall ends here! continue my work!!! :D yay!
*p/s. i might not be cosplaying anymore on Sunday. bcoz of some reasons. so just expect to see me as a photographer that day :p*

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