Birthday and Kid Chan

I have great buddies in LICT, and some of them are really too cute and adorable that i really had to throw them a birthday party.. they are~~ Dennis and Chain~!the birthday boys~! Dennis one is on 25th September while Chain's on 30th September. they are both from Miri and are room mates, and most importantly, they share the same weird funny crazy personality. they are.. the Husband and Wife~!!!!! (Chain's the husband, Dennis's the wife XD)

this is my 2nd time throwing a party for friends. last week i asked Chain whether he wants to celebrate his birthday together with Dennis. well.. being him.. he just smiled his famous smirk and oh i knew what his answer is =_=''' however, as Dennis's soon-to-be gf, Roza wanted this to be a surprise for Dennis. so... nyahakhakhak.. the birthday plan started! i decided to have the party/dinner held at Steamboat Garden. the one beside Magenta :p because, 1, it's near their house. 2, it's easy to find XD and 3, we just need to pay RM 25 n some tax and can eat wadever n as many as you want for the night :p well of course.. both the birthday boys had free steamboat dinner la.. we chia them ma... XD who were there? Me, Fion, Roza, Wie Nie, Annabel, Albert, Ivan, n the birthday boys. Valentine was supposed to be there too.. he's the craziest among us all...too bad he had other things to do. but still, he dropped by and gave a 'good news' to Dennis XD he placed a cigar box n a lighter on Dennis place, which nearly made all of us fell off the chair.... that's the 'good news'??? O.O'''

anyway, photos :p
Teck Chain and Dennis... and Dennis acting cute..... Chain arr.. he just loves to 'cook'. we were all shocked by his 'skills'.

Ivan and Albert. Chain cooked again...

*sigh* why Chain wana be the light bulb????

bahahahahahahahah!!! me and Annabel really had fun putting candles on these 2 small cakes! bahahhahahaha! in order to save budget, i suggested to just buy them small cakes.. just to make the atmosphere more fun and crazy XD n oh my.... me and Annabel REALLY had fun....... XD

time to blow the cake!!! bahahahaha!!!
and time to FEED the birthday boys!!! XD the idea came from me :p each of us fed the boys once. i'll just post up the funny scenes XD

Albert: "Lai lai~~ Chain lai~~ me feed you good cake.. mahahahahaha"
Chain: " oi oi! why the malicious grin on ur face??"

Ivan: " Come.. daddy feed you.."
Chain: " Oh..."

well.. at first.. everyone were just feeding them normal cake.. i was the last one to feed Chain... so.. nyakakakakakakakakakak! I added tomyam soup into the cake!!!! *evil grin* everyone was totally shock!! seems like this was their first time seeing this kind of madness... hahak! i kena this b4.. so i know how to do XD so.. after my turn... some of them followe my style n feed the boys... XD

Ivan: "Come.. my other son.. i feed you like i feed Chain.."
Dennis: " *shy* okla...."

we told Roza to use mouth.. but she preferred to use hand.. boo... XD

KYAAAA~~~ time for the birthday boys to take revenge!!! O.o'''

Albert kolien....

are the girls experiencing happiness or 'kolien'ness'? XD

after the 'feeing ceremony', they all headed for more ice-cream. n erm... the naughty Chain started the ice-cream fight. =_=''' u know la... putting ice cream on pp's face n etc... Roza also... sigh.. crazy crazy =_='''''

the happy group photo and the crazy group photo (pls pay attention to the Husband and Wife..) wow...

yep! we sure had a fun night at Steamboat Garden XD we were the only noisy bunch there .


lol..... who is Kid Chan? he is one of the most sough after wedding photographers in Asia n sumtimes from western countries. he's a Malaysian btw :p his website >>> http://www.kidchan.com/ and http://www.kidchanstudio.com/home/

he came here to give a short talk on wedding photography and also shared with us his experiences as a wedding photographer. :p he;s a fun and friendly man, plus powerful.. powerful as in he knows alot of celebrities and high ranked people. he was the assigned photographer for Siti Norhaliza's wedding last year :)

the talk is just about an hour but the knowledge given is really good. i mean, we get to know more about this career and what we need to do in order to achieve it :p

after the talk. we all had a group photo shoot :D everyone was so eager to take photographs with him! including me :D

before the photo shoot. he noticed me taking his picture so he turned towards me n smiled :D friendly~!!!!

yay.. group photo~~

Kid Chan's assistant helped me to took this. he's using my D40x :p


me and Kid Chan!! even though in this photo his eyes were closed, i still like it coz the whole picture looks so natural :p

and u know what? when he shook hands with me he sed :" I heard that you take good photographs." :D i was shocked and flattered at the same time. must be the lecturers who told him tat =_=''''

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