:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

you know what? i'm really glad that i own Akiyame forum and got Ah Kiam as my fren. bcoz of the forum n him, i started to know ALOT of cosplayers from Swinburne and also Cosworld. eg. Lance, Intell, Haru, Serene, Rain n etc. and as Haru is one of the 'Anbus' in Cosworld, we get to know when is the next cosplay event gonna be. this time, LICT Akiyame is involved, and finally got the chance to cosplay.

GREAT!!!! :D you all should have seen Yen and Brennan's reaction when they heard the news. they went nuts. well.. not really. but very very very very VERY happy and excited. and on the next day they already had their desired character costume's picture sent to the tailor. fast O.o''' Brennan went as a Shinsengumi while Yen as Rukia from BLEACH. i was actually going for Yuffie from FF7 at first, but due to the lack of time to prepare and also the money, i scratched that idea and went as a random harajuku-shibuya girl instead XD

ok! now about the cosplay. the event was actually a SAA Charity and Food Fair event. Cosworld was invited for doing something good there XD so the group (led by JimmyChin) came up with the idea to let ppl take photographs with their fav anime/game character, n in return, they pay $. n it's for charity :) most of my pals were wanted by kids n even adults to take photos with them while i was mostly wanted to take their photos XD the whole event last for almost 4 hours.. and the Cosworld booth was the most popular booth there for the whole morning. the people just couldnt wait to have a shot with their fav characters! XD

so.. hiakhiakhiak.. the photos...

this is one of my LICT frens. n yep. he's cosplaying a sL :p see the rainbow lollipop he's holding in his right hand? tat's mine XD

thn we saw Lance. the guy who loves poking Yen inside the Akiyame forum... huhuhu... sth's going on between them XD so me n brenna actually forced Yen to do the make up for him .. hyukhyukhyuk....

yes.. this is Lance.. as Itachi. finally met him in person.. and poked him.

Gyahahahahhahahahhah!!! Haru-chan!!!!!! she's rich i tell you! she's the one who provides lots of different characters' costumes for the cosplayer to cosplay!!!! HARU~~~ I WANT YUFFIE COSTUME!! XD

mahahahahaha~! L!!! big-sized Shinsengumi (me oledy get ready to be poke) !!!!! Resident Evil!!!!! and one girl from Shibuya, Japan!!!! :D

yeah right... anyway.. move on~~

erm.. ok.. i wana state that.. i normally don;t look this fierce.. or emo. i was just cosplaying O.o''''
so..the girl beside me is Azie..also from LICT. cosplaying Yuna from Final Fantasy :D

ah kiam, Lance, and Intel. Lance looked so blur.. lol!

nyahahahahahaha~!!! Cloud and Vincent from LICT!! lol... Karoline as Cloud while Nadja as Vincent. n they are both Norwegians :D nyaaaaa n Cloud was the most successful cosplay. many ppl wanted her to take pictures with them.

i forgot to ask for her name. she is totally ALL PINK! (Hana! i found your pink twin! :D) seriously.. even her camera is pink! O.o'''

Brennan the Shinsengumi n a good looking guy cosplaying a character from Final Fantasy.. ne~the guy inside Faye Wong's Eyes on Me one...

hahahahaha!!! shinigami fighting a magician!!! mahahahahhaah!

yay~! Rukia-chan!!!!

thn i spotted the cutest naruto i have ever met! :D Kennet (her name spell like this? i'm not sure) SHE IS JUST TOO CUTE!

cute le?

weeeeeek~~ Chi from Chobits!!! :D

mahahahah!!! the harajuku got Rukia's sword n tried to poke her!!! XD

Sonia arrived as Tifa!!!! :D

Haru is helping Roxas on the hair.. wait.. izit Roxas? or Sora? i really cant differentiate them O.o''' Kingdom Hearts fans, kill me if u want XD

Yup.. this is another Haru Property XD

the Cosworld booth :)

Cloud was trying to hug/seduce Sunako-chan XD

Kage Bunshin no Justsu!!! Heh~!!!!!!!!

i forgot what is this justsu called in Japanese ... but seems like Yen the Rukia was having fun with that... =_='''

me and Chung Hueng. n she cosplayed Saber!! :D

i think he's from Kingdom Hearts also :p

erm... Holy Mineral Water?? O.O'''

Kingdom Hearts cosplay!!!! :D

Vincent's poking the big shinsengumi!!!! :D

Jay and Brennan posing :p

Chi from Chobits and Naruto from Naruto.. duh XD

Cloud is eating Ice Stick!!!!! Intel playfully put the 'sweat' there :D

me and Chi from Chobits :D

hehe~ i asked Saber to pose like this :p

this kid... erm... when she saw the gun from Jay she quickly took it from him n played with it. thn when she saw me, she pointed at me n shout :" eeee~~ ur hand broken one~!!" i was like this >> =_='''' thn i shoot her with my cameras XD bahahahhahahahahaa she's cute though :p

mahahaha~! more cute Naruto pictures!!!

Lance's playing with his kunais :p

RUKIA-CHAN~!!!!!!!! XD too bad the perverted Kon wasnt there XD

yes.. from poking to fighting. what would be next? bahahahahahahahahahahaha

preparing a photo shooting session :p group photo! :D

kyaaaa~~ fighting fighting!!!!! Intel just using some papers????

some of the male cosplayers! yay! AFK.. lol..

Sonia as Tifa!!!! :D

ok, i;m fighting with Rukia again! XD btw, Lance took this picture. he played with my D40x after he took off his Itachi costume =_='''

btw, Ammy was there too :D me, Brennan n Lance were poking her like crazy when we knew it was herXD hahaha! poor AmmyXD n since she wana stays anonymous, i wont post pictures of her here la. or else she'll poke me back XD

so after all these madness, we left for lunch since the event only ended at 1.30pm sth around there. me, Esther, Yen, Brennan, Karoline@Cloud, Nadja@Vincent, Farah@Sunako-chan and Sonia@Tifa decided to head for Tun Jugah to have a lunch.. n yea.. intentionally make a scene.. mahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

nyahahahaha~! shinsengumi using the elevator?? XD
well... Karoline@Cloud really made a scene tat day inside Tun Jugah. everyone stopped what they were doing just to look at us XD swt la. n Karoline even wnet into the Game shop purposefully and pose with a PS2 box to take pictures. the owner of the shop were clearly shocked at the scene XD nyahahahahaha it's fun XD

and here i have 2 portraits of mine to share with u guys b4 i leave :p i need to do my work liaw

hohohohohoohohoho~!! laugh or flame me if u want XD i know im not tat pretty but i'm happy with my outfit! XD i'm the Harajuku girl~! weeeeee XD thnx Yen for the jacket and Brennan for the DeathNote tie :p baha!

i look mature in these 2 photos :p


hsnt been blogging about bad ppl lately. in fact. too long didnt blog about one. XD

i just met one git in deviantart. This git (i wont reveal his name. see! i;m so good!) is a 18 year old dude from Netherlands commented on the photo which got both Rukia and Naruto in it one. below are the 'nice war' we had just 20 minutes ago.

git commented : are you serious?

me : erm.. yea! XD why did u ask?

git replied : because you look like a retard, well are you? are you a retard?:D

me (amused n shocked. oh my god, there's such a GIT in deviant art!?) : well. i;m not sure if i;m one XD but if u think i am, it's all up to u :) n i think u are one too XD lets be retards together :D (oh..i'm so sarcastic)

git replied again!: start a club and I will join

me fought back nicely: thn i'll let you be the president :D since you suggested it XD

oh yea. he stopped commenting back. Ha! stupid idiot git. i went to look into his deviantart page, n found tat he looks more like a retard thn me, even though i must admit tat some of his artwork aint bad.
wow..feels kinda good right now, since it's been a long time i had this kind of 'war' with anyone. oooo~~ i love making sarcastic remarks to ppl who get on my nerves :p :p :p


jimmychin said...

Tat day so happy la...hehee...
finally saw u guys cosplayed. :P
wait for next gathering/event/activity now... :)

Timothy said...

That girl with the pink seifuku.....To Heart?

This is Kuching right? 20 years of living in Kuching, and nothing happens. I leave for just 1 year and all this happens! Sheesh! And all I've seen here is someone brainwashed to cos Suzumiya haruhi.

The Kuching I know and grew up with will no longer exist. *sigh*

gLaDieZz said...

That pink girl is Sharon of http://sharonxz.blogspot.com/

TanPuiWen said...

i was there and i was stunned by "cloud".. he was so alike!!! O.o ....

TanPuiWen said...
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SH Wee@KiAm said...

aww... first line oledi see my name...

btw... that guys who you quoted as 'from kingdom hearts too' was actually a wizard from ragnarok... XD

eiChi said...

@himmy: yes~ sir XD or our cosplay father! lol!

@timothy: well..i'm not sure... XD

@gladiez: u know her? cool :P from swinburne also kah?

@puiwen: u were? why i didnt see u one?? O.o''' haha! Cloud was great le~ XD

@ahkiam: lol... izit? i didnt know.. paiseh paiseh :p