my Digi sim card went haywire a few days back. and for 3 days straight i couldnt send messages or even make calls. it just went completely crazy tat i got frustrated and yelled CB at it O.o''' i was desperate. what could have happen to my sim card? was it some bloody 'T-Virus" (yea..i just watched Resident Evil: Extinction.. will come to this later) infected it or my sim card is just plain.... old...?

lucky my nii-san @ Brennan brought me to the Digi centre at HockLee. there the people sed they'll duplicate another sim card with the same number for me, but they need the register's IC n etc. so i gave my phone together with the sim card to my dad this morning and asked him to deal with it, since my number is under his name X.X and YEA~~~ MY DAD BROUGHT THE 'CLONED' SIM CARD BACK!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D *hugs phone happily*

hereby i want to apologize to those who tried to reach me but couldnt for the last few days.... my phone was completely dead.... it wasn't tat i didnt want to reply, but bloody couldnt reply! *looks at the old sim card and chucks it away*



alright! about the movie XD Dorothy invited me and Brennan for a movie this afternoon, together with Mr Kiu (again.. he self-invited himself... oh well. more ppl more fun XD). we went to watch Resident Evil 3 at Riverside... since Star Cineplex is always crowded with ppl (esp ahB and ahL) on Sunday.

anyway.. the movie's ok for me....... i'd watched the first 2 and think this one is better XD i was form 1 when i watched the first movie, which at that time my Eng was still.. meh~~ so to tell the truth i didnt really get it. just know some virus spread from Umbrella and infected the staffs inside it..turning them into zombies.... and erm.. Alice is the main character... cant remember all of it. ooh!! i remember clearly the part where the laser kills!!!!! XD they all thought they can escape the bloody brilliant laser but mahahahaha~! the last one is like.. oh shit. no way out..thn the black guy was laser=ed through and fell into pieces :D thn the 2nd movie.. Apocalypse.. i felt nth when i first watched it.. but when i watched it again last holiday, i got goosebumps and felt disgusted. probably in the 2nd movie it happens in the city... the virus spreads throughout the Raccoon City, infecting every human beings and zombies everywhere..... when i watched it, i kept thinking that what would happen if Kuching got infected also, and you wouldnt know which person around you would turn into a zombie and attack you. that thought enough is disturbing. in the end, i couldnt continue watching it and stopped the dvd. XD

so in the 3rd film.. Extinction.. it took place elsewhere.. but is still kinda scary and like what Brennan sed, this movie makes ppl 'jumpy' XD i wont let out any spoilers here. just go watch it yourself. however, i still wana say that, the ending part.. it's kinda funny la..... "I am the FUTURE..".. thn wad "you cant kill me.. I cant die" bullshit. he was cut through by laser by no time.


me like Milla Jovovich!!!!! XD

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