yare yare

ah ah.. mendokusen ne.... why izit called a 'group' when all the group members are like scattered around.. it's been a long time since i work with people whom isn't chosen by me. ah ah.. i really need to control this. even though none of them have voiced out of the group leader they want, but seems like they are all waiting for me. ... i'm not complaining anything, just that, this group needs to be more systematic, and more 'muhibah' :)

tomorrow i will definitely make every one of them sit together and have a proper discussion on the project. say me kiasu or serious or anything u like. this is my way of doing things if i think it gets out of hand. this is a group work. i help you guys to do things better, then we can all play like crazy after the project is done.



meh.. it's anime season again....

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