Selamat Hari Raya to all my Malay friends~!!!!! :D and i duno wad else i should say... hehehehe... anyway, Happy Raya :D

now 2 final assignments are given and we have one week holiday~~~ weeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~ i'm going to have an anime marathon first before i get serious with the assignments!!!! bahahahahahahahaha!! i don't care!! it's been a month or more that i hadn't touch my animes. nyahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! and also Maple Story!!! i hdnt played it since 2 months ago XD

so after i submitted everything on Monday, i straight away came home and watched all the animes that'd been 'stocked' in my disk drive. so now, i'd finished Claymore (finally... i hope there's gona be a 2nd season) ... finished Honey and Clover 2 also... touching anime. then FINALLY started to continue watching Darker than Black... woot! i love Hei in this anime.. the main character., he's an excellent 2-face. and then Chung Hueng lent me another anime called Nodame Cantabile which i just finish watching last night. this anime is somehow like Honey and Clover, it makes u feel relax when watching it. only that Nodame Cantabile is about music students, not art students XD still.. i like it. i think it's under Romance series, but then, it's not the cheesy type..bcoz the main male character only realizes his love for the clumsy girl in the last episode. even so, the way he shows his love for her is just too perfect :) not lame, not cheesy, not fairy-tale like, but truly romantic. meh.. you have to watch it to feel it la XD anyway, this anime is good for music students to watch as the theme is more towards coping with different kinds of difficulties and learn from them. eg. phobias, human relationship ( as in ppl who are stubborn or weird or proud etc), and also the characters' future hopes. me like this anime :D even the songs are nice (already put them inside my music box on the right)

oh! and i played Maple Story, again... n i wonder why the guild hasnt kicked me out yet as i was MIA fro 2 months. i nearly forgot all the important keys O.o''' anyway, this time i decided to train in Singapore. normally ppl would just need 20K to buy an air ticket to g o singapore. i used 40k.......... =_=''''' long story. anyway, see how took the flight :D

with a happy face :D

with a shock face :D

thn i arrived in CHangi Airport :D welcome to singapore!!! :D

after that i went to the city :D see!!! the sea lion!!! XD

bahahahahahahahahhaahah~~~ and i had so much fun killing those rubbish bins and road signs in the other part of the city XD

ok. suddenly feel lazy to blog liaw. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahaha....

i'm not good at ending a post. =_= oh btw, i screwed up my short presentation yesterday. it wasnt mt style and i got nervous. bah......

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