Hana Kimi and Nakatsu!!!!!!!!!

i'd just finished watching Hana Kimi Japanese live action drama. and this Hana Kimi really SAIKO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

i'd never feel so touch after i watched Ouran High School Host Club last time. Hana Kimi japanese version is just too great :) i just duno how to describe it. i mean, when watching this drama, it makes me feel as if i'm watching a 100% anime. even all those exaggerated expressions and actions all seem so real to me.

i bet you guys know about the story already right? for those who dont, here's a brief one.

our main character is a female named Ashiya Mizuki who disguises herself as a male and enrolls into Osaka High, an all boys school. she does it for a reason, that is to help her idol - Sano Izumi, jump again. Sano used to be a national champion in high jump, but due to an accident which happened in America (where Mizuki also got involved), his leg got a serious damage and couldnt jump properly again, so he stopped it unwillingly. Mizuki feels guilty, tat's why she wants to motivates him and help him gets the spirit back. at Osaka High, Mizuki makes lots of new friends, and the best one is Nakatsu Shuichi, who found himself falls in love with Mizuki's feminine side, thus making him thinks that he's a gay (poor Nakatsu). all of them have fun throughout the year, go through both sad and happy moments together. most of all Mizuki finally gets Sano to compete in the high jump again, though not so good at first.
Umeda Hakuto, the school's doctor and sports supervisor, is the first one to know Mizuki's secret as a girl (onna XD), but promises to keep her secret after knowing her true intention of coming to this school. while Sano is the first student to know about her gender. he overhears Mizuki and her brother arguing in the room by chance. as for Nakatsu, he is just about to accept the fact that he's 'gay' (he is truly inlove with Mizuki) when he accidentally sees Mizuki bathing... ... which makes him even more 'energetic' to compete with Sano to win Mizuki's love.

the correlation chart...

throughout the whole series, there's always laughter and warm moments. the show doesnt just focus on the main characters, but other minor one as well. so we get to see all of the students grow and know everyone of them better, as if we had lived with them like what Mizuki does and grow to love the school like Mizuki did. as for the occasionally funny "Nakatsu moment", where he struggles with his feelings of love towards Mizuki, thus making him thinks that he's really a gay lover, is a big PLUS PLUS for this show. because. Nakatsu is just toooo funny and cute and is like an idiot at times (i'll write more on him later :p). anyway, these "Nakatsu moments" have realli lighten up some of the serious scenes and you'll find yourself smiling at your screen when watching it XD or even laugh out loud. i did.

however, the ending @ the last episode is just too sad and touching....... again, it's about friendship and love for the others. and also the 'fight' to walk out from the past and setbacks. i cried the most when Nakatsu appeared and tell Mizuki that they are going to be best friend forever, then cried before hugging her... as for Sano...he kisses Mizuki in the end..but Mizuki still goes back to America :p. ah ah... the whole show just seems sooo real to me, even makes me feel jealous of Mizuki cos she can have those precious memories and experiences.... i 100% recommend this drama. you can laugh your heads off even in the last episode. but prepare some tissue ne? :D

saaaaa~~~~~ now is the time for me to become girly for awhile.. hohohohohoho.

strange, usually when i watch a drama, i would go a bit gaga for the main character inside. example Jun Matsumoto from Hana Yori Dango and Gokusen.

and Tamaki Hiroshi from Nodame Cantabile

but after watching Hana Kimi... i fall in love with Ikuta Toma... the one who acted Nakatsu..

ok. i really duno why Mizuki chooses Sano rather then Nakatsu. bcoz Nakatsu is way cuter and more handsome than Sano!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~ in short Ikuta Toma is cute and handsome!!! mahahahahahaa~~~ my type!!!! nyaaaaaaaaaa~~ *more squealing* alright, maybe i fall in love with Nakatsu the fictional character, not the real Ikuta Toma. but without Toma's kawaii expression and smile everytime, i don't think i'd fall in love with the character either, so.. nya~~~~~~~~Nakatsu and Toma SAIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Nakatsu@Ikuta Toma ATTACKS!!!!! :D

this is Nakatsu when he got rejected by Mizuki... oooww... but after that he forced himself to become the usual sunny-self again.. i pity him.. *sobs*

yay~~ Toma in the Osaka uniform :D I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

why do i love Nakatsu@Toma again? because he's damn funny and cute and his smile@laughter is like a sun and he's good at acting goofy scenes.......... let me show you some 'Nakatsu moment'.. the parts where he struggles with his feelings towards Mizuki...



then this video is the 'summary' of Nakatsu's love for Mizuki... all those funny and awkward scene when he's around Mizuki (whom he thinks is a guy XD)

the last part. the reason why he took the bra and panty is because he got so happy that he felt excited when holding a girl's underwear, which means he still has hots for girls, thus not a homo XD

oh man~~~ he sure is cute *blushes*

hahaha.. and plz forgive my 'fan-girl' attitude XD

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