Ikenai Taiyo

i blame the weather. I'M GETTING SICK AGAIN!!!! *puff puff puff*......

=_= yesterday i got a slight fever, then today i got a running nose. puck?? i feel so uncomfortable right now T_T *watches Nakatsu videos to cure the sickness*

Nakatsu@Toma:" eiChi-chan~ daijoubu?"
eiChi-chan: *melted straight away*

... ... ... ...

i admit, this is the second male actor that i willing to spend my whole day, even weeks to search for his info and photos (MUST!!) throughout the internet. the first one was Daniel Radcliffe, which was years ago. oh shit.. i must post Toma's picture! :D

i must thank Hana Kimi Jap version for letting him become one of the main characters and boosted his popularity. i found out that most of the Japanese television shows invite only Maki Horikita (Mizuki) and Ikuta Toma (Nakatsu) for appearance, not Oguri Shun (Sano Izumi). *yes.. i stalk Youtube too for any latest Toma videos*

btw, even my mum sed he's handsome when i showed her his picture XD Go mum!!! XD she sed that his face looks so fine :D

OK! enough of Toma b4 someone throw rotten vegetables at me.

the reason i put up this post is because i'm sick and got nth else to do. and also to satisfy my 'fan-girl' mode. XD will put up a decent post next time XD

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SabrinaW said...

Hahaha.. I love Nakatsu too.. more than Sano... heheehe.. he's so cute!!