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i just realized that this one week Raya holiday is slowly killing us. most of my LICT friends spent their last few days either watching anime or just relaxing at home/outdoor. well... me too. i spent my first few days of holiday 'chiong-ing' the whole stake of animes that had been collecting dust inside my com. only on Thursday that i finally noticed, shit. this holiday is too short for us,

so i quickly finished off my typeface book on Thursday night, then called Fion to accompany me to do the photography assignment yesterday. this time the assignment requires us to take photos of buildings and their interior using different type of white balance. i can't drive yet, so does Fion, so both of us just walked from India Street to Tun Jugah, took photos of interesting architecture along the way. i have to say.. taking photos of building isn't my liking =_=''' esp on Kuching's buildings. i just wished i was at somewhere like Tokyo or London, with super modern skyscrapers and super busy streets. so basically i'm not so satisfy with my building photos.... they all seem so weird in my eyes.

i'm actually having problem deciding which topic should i use for my English presentation. i can't just talk about sex education again. i did it for my advertisement review and also the exam's essay. i'd read about ember and piaw's presentation on the truth about people actually stepping on Moon. that is quite interesting, but i'm not the techno type. there would be scientific terms that i have to memorize and understand. i thought about talking about the blog culture, but it will be to wide. gaaaaaah.......... what should i talk about??? any interesting topic out there for me?? i want sth controversial.... or unique... *continues to search the web*

ah ah.. next year i'll be going to KL liaw.... 2 months left to enjoy my stay in Kuching.

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