award winning.. lol..

, originally uploaded by tayeichi.

when i first looked at this photo that i took. i didnt really feel the impact. after the 2nd glance.. i thought the not bad..even without any photoshopping, so i posted it up in my flickr. surpringly, and amazingly, people came and commented on it. some even gave me duno what diamond award O.O'''

there's 2 more ppl sent me the other 'award' comments, which i lazy to post them up. and. to have ppl comment on your photos in flickr is a very very good thing, since most ppl who post comments in there are those hardcore + pro photographers. seriously... i never knew that this photo is that good... =_=''' i told ya~! i'm not into architectural photography! i really duno how to 'view' a building......

so, when my lecturer asked me which photos i'm gona choose for submission, i quickly pointed this as my first choice XD


weeeeee~~ since Hana doesnt want me to stop my 'fan-girl' attitude... so.. NYA~~~ Hana! more Ikuta Toma pictures!!! *evil laugh*

*hana, click on it to see a bigger picture.. got more impact i tell u* damn... he's smile... n if u notice.. that his nose is like an eagle's beak. that' s one of his trademark. the other trademark is his 'homo' dance :D

nyaaa~~~~~ Hil~ i don't care if you say he's a freak and a gay, i still adore him!! XD

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