warning people, i'm actually under the 'rabid fan-girl' mode right now so if, you think fan-girls are annoying then stop reading this and hop to the other posts because right now what i'm gona post will gona make the girls scream. thank you...

now.. i just couldnt describe my expression and feelings when i see this posted on someone else's blog who just came back from Japan and bought ALOT of Ikuta Toma goodies.. damn ...

it's the original set of Hana Kimi PHOTOBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHOTOBOOK!!! which means there must be lots n LOTS of photos inside!!! O.O'''' when i saw this pic, my mouth was hanging open for like 1 minute, thn felt agitated mixed with jealousy, slowly turned into excitement and greed. ..... i want that book... ...

sure enough.. look what's inside. n that girl got the guts to make my heart melted right infront of my PC.

hey girl, whoever you are (coz i couldnt bother to read her name. i was too busy gawking at the pictures) . u better SCAN every Toma images inside that book and post them in your blog. cos i wana take them ALL from you. NYAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH~~~~!!!!!

the back cover of the photobook... n i noticed the price... it's abour 1450 yen.. which means... HOW MANY RM??? SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME??? coz if it;s less thn RM 100 thn i'll head straight to MOMO tomolo and ask Ben to order it for me! shit! i wan the book! O.O''' *ok.. eiChi.. calm down.... calm down... wait for the girl to scan...*

besides this photobook. that fan-girl also bought keychains with Toma face on it.. thn magazines with Toma face on it... i kept on saying 'what the f**k what the f**k what the f**K...' while browsing through her post.

Toma looks cute here!
and that girl got posters of Toma!!!!!! what the??!! O.O''' look at the right one!!!!! shit!!! I WANT!!!

... ... ... ... damn.. *cries* i wana go Japan..... ... * i told you i am in the 'rabid fan-girl' mode'

he is just too irresistible ok? wait.. that sounds wrong... fine! he's just too cute+handsome to be ignored!!! even with his serious face

yes~ he appeared in the first episode of Hana Yori Dango 2 as the evil guy.. reeeaaalllly evil guy....... he's a superb actor i tell you. btw, this his hairstyle before filming in Hana Kimi.

big difference ne? XD ok, i shall save the rest of his pictures for future posts XD don wan to put them all up at once :p

Toma SAIKOU DA!!!!! i want the photobook.... b4 i go to KL i'm so gona print out his photo and bring it there. thn pin them up on my wall...

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