night musings

hehe.. just finished all the assignments that need to be handed in later in the morning :p photography and life drawing...

... still got one more month to complete 2 finals. one.. we HAVE to design and do a sculpture again... great. reminds me of the Sarawak sculpture my group did last semester... man... why do we need to do another sculpture? O.o'''' why couldnt they just let us do collage like what the seniors did last time. collage is much more easier and the materials are easy to find... unlike the sculpture... =_=''' we cant just use card board for it. instead, the marks will be higher if we use real stuff to make... ... i wana go back to KMT and learn again XD

bsides.. i found out that.. all the new intakes are so lucky... as in. eg. during my intake, our lecturer was William, and he instructed us to use AO size canvas to do our Myself on Canvas asisgnment. then Kenny taught the April intake people, they only have to do the same assignment on an A1 size canvas.. easy right? and i thought this wasnt at all fair at that time. today, i went into the staff room and saw some new stuff... piles of A3 size illustration board with paintings + collage on it. i went n checked.. its the July intake's Myself on Canvas... i was like.. wtf? O.O'' A3 size only???? and they all used collage... hmmph.. copy my style XD anyway.... i just feel that.. these July intake people are sooo lucky... i mean.. our Myself on Canvas took us at least a few days to fin it. theirs? 3 hours enough! and it's cheaper!!!!

again.. it's about Ikuta Toma. so those who hate the 'fan-girl' side of me can stop reading and go off XD

anyway..i am extremely awed by Toma's skill of acting. in Hana Kimi, he's the cute lovable happy cheerful school boy. everyone loves him; but in Hana Yori Dango 2... although he only appeared in the 1st episode.. his character is already powerful enough to make ppl remember him throughout the series..coz he's the sick mental two-faced evil school boy. i hvnt watched the episode though (is downloading at the moment) , but from the video below, i can assume that Junpei (Toma's character) wana take revenge on Domyouji (main character), so he tries to approach Makino (Domyouji's girlfriend) and does sth bad on her, but eventually also fall for her.

honestly.. i am really astounded by his acting here. he is so TOTALLY different from his role in Hana Kimi. no doubt that in Hana Yori Dango he looks extremely handsome and cool, but at the same time, it sends chill into my body. he really looks EVIL in here O.O''' i'll show you the music video. just watch it, thn u'll know what i mean. *pay attention to his facial expressions"

man... he can be really evil...just from this video i know that this Junpei character is a really hot but sick and mental guy.. really a 2-faced person (nerd and evil) . i really salute Ikuta Toma, best Japanese actor i've ever seen!

the evil + cool Toma VS

the cute + innocent Toma

it's the hairstyle and the acting that make all the difference @.@'''

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