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i happened to read my horoscope this morning. it read sth like this: "give in sth minor, and you get sth bigger and better in return" well... today i missed out Dorothy's Communication Studies class, but was invited for a Karaoke session next week..my frens gona chia me XD ano... does this counted as giv in sth minor and get sth better in return? LOL!

i was shocked too that i miss out Dot's class XD i mean, no one dares to skip her class! unless you have reasonable excuse la. i was actually helping out my architecture friends to take photos of their models inside the photo studio, thinking that her class starts at 2 pm. i had totally forgotten that it starts at 1pm sharp XD so at 1.30 pm, i quickly bought myself a cup of maggee for lunch and preparing myself for the class when my classmates saw me and told me sth like :" oh no, you're dead." i was clueless. honestly, i could feel question marks popping out from my head. after that, i was called to see another lecturer for a brief discussion on a new project.

inside the staff room ( it was 5 minutes to 2pm), Dorothy came in and saw me, thn questioned me with a very serious face :" where were you?" again.. i was totally clueless O.O''' she asked again :" where were you just now? you missed my class~!" i was like :" what? how- i thought it's-" thn it struck me...... the class starts at 1 pm............................... yea =_=''' my reaction was like ----->> big eyes.. mouth opened... speechless.... oh my god, i'd mistaken the time @.@ i quickly apologized to her saying that i got mistaken but she still continued on :" i was really shocked that you didnt turn up and XX came. i really duno what happen today~" for your info, this XX is known for 'missing in action' .and she wrote 0 for my attendance today.. maa~~ sonna no kankei ne (it doesnt really matter anyway) i mean, i wasn't missing her class deliberately. instead i was really preparing myself for her class oledy, just that for how i mistaken the time.. i really don't know =_=''' usually i was the one who's punctual every time. besides, it's just once :p if i really missed sth bigger like final presentation or..just sth more important, thn i would probably bang my head on the wall shouting: " ore wa homo ja nai~" which also means i'd gone nuts XD

anyway, still~~ DOT-CHAN~ GOMEN NASAI~ XD

as about the karaoke, my AT frens decided to chia me since i helped them ;D yeah~~~ Karaoke da~~~~ XD

i found myself getting fat so i have to sing more! lol!


more Toma love. i decided to post 2 or 3 pictures of him every end of one post. so here they are XD
these are some of his latest photos.. taken beginning of this Month. he was the main actor for this stage play named "The 2 Gentleman of Veronica", a Shakespeare comedy . yes.. he was actually more into stage performances and plays b4 busying himself in jadorama.. this explains why only him seldom get the NG cut while filming. coz memorizing script and doing expressions on the set is like drinking water for him oledy XD he just couldnt afford himself to forgot the lines while in the middle of the actual play, could he? XD

great pose *drools*

he was actually having a photo shoot for the stage performance promo.

yay~ a happy Toma~! always love his smile XD

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