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54th Television Drama Academy Awards (2007-10-24)

Congratulations to Toma for getting the best supporting actor!!! YATTA~!!!!!

finally~ he got what he deserves :) after all those harsh years that he had to deal with...

probably you guys didnt know about his past..and probably most of you guys only know about him after seeing him as Nakatsu in Hana Kimi.. well actually me too. i'm totally crazy about him after watching Hana Kimi. i went gaga all over his pictures that i found in the internet. i admit i was only crazy about his face for the past few days.. but now, after knowing what he had to been through to come to this day (his fame in Japan now is like rocketing upwards everyday. currently No.2 in the whole Japan), i have a different view towards him. now i really idolize and respect him..i idolize his looks and his talent at acting, and i respect him because of his tough and cheerful spirit.

Ikuta Toma was born in Sapporo, 07 October 1984. His father almost named him Ikuta Tamegorou, luckily his mum rejected it and named him Ikuta Toma. Since young he was an energetic kid so his mum decided to sent in an application form to Johnny Jimusho (or known widely as Johnny Entertainment). Johnny Jimusho is a famous male idol agency in Japan, and Toma entered the agency in 11 February 1996.


due to Toma's cheerfulness and friendliness, he get along well with all other Johnny members, even the senpais. all of them love to play with him and billy him since he's the shortest of them all XD despite his height, his performance out shined other members thus the agency then placed him in a group called MAIN (picture above). 6 months later, Yamashita Tomohisa, or famously known as Yamapi, joined in the crew. Toma and Yamapi clicked and become best friends in a short time. those 2 could be seen in almost every shows and stage performance, hosting the show together or singing and dancing on stage, and were soon known as 'TomaPi'. they are best friends until now. with the rest of the Johnny Juniors, Toma and his friends hosted shows and performed together. he soon became the ace of the group regardless of his height (he was still the shortest in high school. he only grew taller then Yamapi b4 graduation) and became the most popular Tokyo Jr.

Tomapi Kids!!!

they went to the same high school (Eitoku High) . btw.. Hana Kimi lovers.. do u guys see the younger Kagurazaka? XD

Tomapi~ Toma wanted to eat the rabbit XD

one of the recent Tomapi pics. all grown up :D (i may be biased, but Toma looks hotter thn Yamapi)

anyway, at the end of 2002, his seniors and best friends, Tackey and Tsubasa debuted and Tackey created a group as the new leader of Johnny Jr. called 4 Tops, with Toma, Yamapi, Kazama and Jun Hasegawa as the members. everyone was optimistic that this group would be successful and debut too. Toma didnt even enter college to concentrate on his career so he could debut with his friends.

the 4 Tops

the 3 Tops after Yamapi left...

however, on September 2003, 4 Tops tore apart. both Tomapi received a shock news that Yamapi was gona debut with other Johnny members as NEWS. they always thought that they could debut together. even so, Toma doesnt hold any hatred towards Yamapi but supports him instead. and from that fateful day on, Toma's luck in the entertainment industry began to waver. his fellow friends debuted one by one, leaving him still stuck inside Johnny Jr. rumors began to spread that Johnny held a grudge agaisnt Toma for some reasons..tat's why he doesnt want him to debut. projects for Toma to host and perform also decreased thus losing his popularity *sobs.. DAMN YOU JOHNNY~* at that time he really felt so down. but this didnt keep him from quitting Johnny's Entertainment. instead, he work hard and waited patiently for his time to come, even though he's already near 20.

not until 2004 (yes.. he was almost jobless for a year n ppl almost forgot about him) he appeared in a stage play named mama loves MAMBO III . this was the start of his career as a stage play actor. many of his faithful fans were so happy about this. at least he doesnt quit and give up. ( i tell you, Toma really is talented. i watched the shows he hosted and his perfornaces while he's still a kid and from there i can see that this dude is born for the camera XD) he continued to act as some minor characters in other stage plays after that. then because of his role in one stage play, Azumi, stage play producers started to notice his talent and invited him for more stage plays like Endless Shock. seeing this as his chance to get back up again, Toma put in all his efforts and perform the best. this was where he learns all his superb acting skill and slowly gaining back his popularity as well.

him in a samurai stage play which i forgot the name

his looks in Endless Shock or West Side Story..cant remember too XD

his looks in the stage play Cats in Red Boots. i personally think he'd look better without the black eye shadow :p

from minor character to major casts. finally at the beginning of this year, he was the main actor for the stage play Cats in Red Boots. this boosted his popularity at that time. his loyal fans even more happy after knowing this. and inside Toma's blog ( i wont review it here XD), he sincerely apologized to his fans, saying :" For those who have supported me from the start, i'm really sorry to disappoint you guys. so, i wish that me being the main actor for this stage play will be a compensation for u guys." so, interviews came and he was invited for random radio shows. and then the producer of Hana Yori Dango 2 also spotted him and invited him as the special guest star in episode no.1, where he successfully pulled of the mentally evil Junpei role. more interviews after that.

his Junpei looks :D

aaaaand~~ after acting as one of the major characters in Hana Kimi, Nakatsu, he's luck has finally come back at last. more and people know about him today. and they know him as the cheerful sunny and bubbly nakatsu.. which i must say those are his real traits as well. during those time where he was jobless and unknown to people, he never showed his sad side. instead, he continued his life with his dashing smile and bravely faced the cruel reality. he never blamed anyone, even after watching all his fellow friends and juniors become more and more popular than him.

Nakatsu Shuichi.... cute and cool XD love love~! he makes flip flops look sexy :D

hard work really pays off. Toma is the proof of this saying. he doesnt giv up and continues to work hard. and now, look at him. shinning brightly than ever (ok, this sounds cheesy, but it's true) . now he's workin on more stage plays with him as the main character (the 2 Gentleman of Verona is the most recent one) and there are rumors that he's going be one of the main cast on Ouran High School Host Club drama too :D wonder which character would he be... Tamaki? Hikaru n Kaoru? i wish it;s confirmed. and most importantly, it's time for Johnny Entertainment to decide a time to let him debut also. they couldnt hide this great talented actor from the world anymore XD

Toma as Valentine in 2 Gentleman of Verona~ kakoii~~!!!!!!!!!

my desktop.. LOL~!

again.. i respect him as a person, and idolize him as a talented entertainer. TOMA SAIKOU DA!!!!!

... ... ... more pics of Toma (i wont put all of them up! i must save some for the future~!!) this time i'll put street pictures of Toma.. where he walks around town and got ppl stalking him to take photos XD btw, he wears glasses when he's not working. still.. HE LOOKS COOL IN GLASSES! @.@

coming out from school (Eitoku High)..around year 2000-2002..duno...

around 2003/04 i guess...duno XD as long as it's him!

he looks like he found sth delicious..... haha! XD

oklah~! tat's all for today's Toma pics.. phew.. that's a lot XD hpe u guys wont hate me for always posting about Toma XD



Ellie said...

I just so love your post about Toma!
- thank you so much. ^^,

c0rin said...

Heya! Love it! I love tomapi!! and I love Toma!

Anonymous said...

Toma is <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I would just like to add that he and Yamamoto Yusuke (the person who played Kayashima in Hana Kimi) have the same prescription for their glasses. One time during their shoot Yusuke forgot his glasses Toma lent him a pair. Toma wrote that in one of his entries in his online journals. That just goes to show that our Toma is also generous aside from being the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful guy that he is ;D