i'm trying to keep myself awake by writing this

aih aih.... stuck now. no more ideas for the sculpture design... it's so much harder then i thought....

listening to Toma's singing now...the one he performed during the Cats in Red Boots stage play. there's nth special about his singing skill, this i must admit. but somehow his voice, it's sounds so clear and comfortable :)

anyway, DAAAAAAAAAAAH~!!!!!!! I NEED INSPIRATIONS FOR MY SCULPTURE!!!! almost fell asleep just now while trying so hard to think of some ways to complete the design....

today seemed to be quite a happening day. this morning i was the listener for 2 different person of 2 different problems, one after another. not that i complaint about being a listener, i actually wanted to help them..but what can a student like me do? i can only give encouraging and motivating advice. after hearing their problems, i also began thinking about those problems also... i mean, 2 in a row, my brain needs practise to take them all in at once XD

fortunately Dot came to the rescue. she invited us to have lunch again since tomolo is her birthday :D she wana celebrate with us early. guess what? she brought us to Rakutei, the expensive Japanese restaurant located inside Crown Tower XD well.. it just happened that Dot had a stressful morning too so she wanted sth to totally relax her mind :D me and Brennan and Natasha bought her a monkey-zombie key chain~ lol~! and she loves it alot XD oh, about the Japanese food.. it was AWESOME~! i forgot about the name of the dish that i ordered.... shit.. both Dot and Brennan ordered Sashimi Set.. wait.. i think i remember mine.. it's Tempura Set~! weeeeeeee~~~ i was in total bliss i tell you :D Japanese food is just sooo the best XD Thanks to Dot again for the meal :D

all of us went back to campus after lunch... and met up with Natasha (she wasnt following us for lunch since she has stitches inside her mouth..cant eat.. kesian *pats Yen's head*) . so the 3 of us set off to MOMO Toys~~~~~ :D yay! what did i do there?? practically 'forcing' Ben (the tauke) to help me find and order Hana Kimi photobook XD and YES~!!! WE FOUND IT!!!! without hesitation i told Ben to help me order XD i mean, i could spend RM 100 for Harry Potter, one of my super addictions. now, that photobook just costs about RM 70... Hana Kimi.. Nakatsu.. TOMA!!!!!! buy buy buy buy buy... come to think of it, this whole year i only spend alot on art materials... and so as a reward for being a hardworking girl throughout the year, i'm gona buy myself this book!!!! Nyaha~! XD

still listening to Toma's song... i need coffee and inspirations...

btw, sth happen to my firefox and ALL my bookmarks were gone. *toot* all those useful links for my projects are GONE!!! gona find them one by one again. *toot more*

time for Toma pics again! :D

Ja Jaaaang~~~ different faces of Toma!

*click to enlarge*
found this Toma's collage in a chinese Toma forum XD this was when he got invited for a television program last month and had some chit chat with the hosts... Toma.. memang.. he really look so handsome even from different angles and different expressions XD

and i guess most Toma fans would die to want this photo. i duno why but this pic is very HARD to find! i first saw this on a website, but it was so damn small. n when i saw it in one of the chinese forum threads, i practically shouted :"YES!" n punched my fist in the air......... meh..i'm so kind to share these rare photos with you guys XD

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