1 more week

let me escape from work for a while

dear online journal ('dear diary' sounds too girlish for me)

i feel kinda stressed, thinking about the finals that must be completed within these few days. and as a group leader i deeply feel guilty that the amount of money we used for building the sculpture exceeded the budget..alot... mina-san, gomen nasai! so, i must make this sculpture an 'A+' sculpture no matter what! (even though that means i'll have to create stories + theories during the presentation.. this is my style XD)

and really. i'd never appreciated Saberkas until today. you know what? Saberkas is the BEST mall for me right now, coz i can get almost anything in there! sculpture materials... books... model building... art materials... got public bank... food... gifts shop... PC image... handphones... ok ok fashion... ocipala stuff. i got most of the thing needed to build the sculpture here in Saberkas, and it saved lots of our precious time :D

ahahaha... tomolo gona have my English final presentation. it's free topic.. and i chose 'Harajuku Culture'. still havent really prepared though.. must practise after i posted this... then after that practise i must rushed the sculpture journal... until 4 a.m maybe...

i wana go Damai with my buddies, fast!!!

you can turn and leave if you don't like Toma.

here are 2 latest scans of Toma. appeared in a Jap magazine dated 11 Nov 2007.

click to download, ppl :)


all the best to me!!! OSSU~~~!!!!!!!

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