Narcissism is Good XD

mahahahahahahahaha~!!!!! i feel so happy that my english presentation is finally OVER~!!!!!

my topic? --> Harajuku Culture :D

and i was damn nervous like HELL! so i ended up ruined some parts of my presentation. oh well... I DON'T CARE~~ lalalalalala XD i was the first to present in my class! wad do u expect??!

i am so happy now coz i found that my hair today finally looks like Nakatsu's hairstyle!!! mahahahaha! you may think i'm crazy for feeling happy over such thing. but hey~ i wanted to have Nakatsu's hairstyle but the barber cut mine until shorter thn his! O.O''' thn both Hana and Wen Li wanted me to post my photos up but i didnt want to, coz my hair looked kinda bad...

but now it has grown long~~~ the shape is appearing and yay~~~ my hair looks like Nakatsu's :D

as i was presenting about Harajuku Culture today, i dressed up like one too :p na ah~ not the Gothic Lolita type (my face not suitable for it) i dressed up like a Visual Kei character (go search for Visual Kei in google if u wana know deeper of its meaning).. in other words, a J-rocker~~ mahahahahaha~! again.. i mix&match my clothes with Natasha's punk costume. used the leftover purple fabric i took from Brennan as a tie... highlighted my bangs with purple color... and wore my punk wrist-glove or watever u call it XD i bought it for just RM 12.90 in KLCC.... huakhuakhuakhuak~~ and this is how i looked just now :D

cool le~? XD XD XD XD

i got so excited that i asked Brennan to took more of my photos :D besides, i need to return the costume back to Yen... so might as well took some photos for remembrance. (btw, Brennan can be a good fashion photographer :D)
see my Nakatsu's hair??? only mine is in dark red colour~~ XD

hehehe.. i know i look fierce XD but my hair~~ my hair~~~ :D :D :D

haha! i tried to laugh like Nakatsu XD not bad what~

Caryn, me and Hui Mian, both of them are my classmates :D and are pretty girls~~~ :D too bad they moved when this pic was taken T_T

me and Ah Siaw. my senior. he's drawing is really siao i tell you. so damn detail and GOOD!!!!!! i salute him! btw, ignore my clown face :p

last but not least. me and my nii-san~~ Brennan~!! or u may call him panda! LOL! hmm... come to think of it. i should've dragged my 'wife'- Chain to take photo with me also. since he's not going to Cyber next year and he'll be going back to Miri on 1st of Dec. XD haha! gona miss him lots!

hahahahaha~! sorry for the 'self-promoting' pics, ppl :p i'm just too happy that ppl praised that i'm so cool today and that my hair finally looks like Nakatsu... oh~~ i love my hair! XD
btw, i did this little Toma siggy :D

n no~! u cant use it coz this siggy is mine! XD after i finished my final i'm gona change my Akiyame's sig into this :p:P :P

ok gotta go! tonight i'll be staying at Wie Nie's house to finish the sculpture and journal :p lalalalala~~

ciaoz ppl~~~ :D


Annabel said...

is it me or is it just the picture that our campus corridor floor looks super white and clean and bright?....

eiChi said...

it's bcoz edited it.. LOL