Honey and Clover

i'm feeling at bliss right now *keep ignoring my growling stomach. i'm hungry*

everything seem to be under control... i hope XD

i'll be leaving at 8.40 am tomorrow and fly to KL together with Ms Lily Liew (GRSS counseling teacher) for the Anugerah Tunas Jaya 2007 (i'm under the handicapped students category). i'll be staying there for 3 days.. and i kinda feel guilty for leaving my group members behind to do the sculpture. i'm the group leader and i feel responsible for whatever i do. well, i'm really glad that my group members are all hardworking one and i trust them :) so today i went to class and briefed them on what they need to do while i'm away, n promised to buy them sth nice XD

now about the event. the Malaysia government is holding this event because it's the World's Childrens Day, and they want to give out awards to celebrate this day. i never knew i'd be the representative for Sarawak's handicapped students. it seems like i've won the state level for this award. they still yet to give out the winner for national level one. that's why the government needs us to be there on the spot to have an interview session with them. O.O''' omg... interview.. that means formal attire again... my wardrobe is filled with casual and funky clothes only.. the only formal attire i have is the one tat i hate the most. gyah! anyway.. the main event will be held on Saturday morning, at KLCC there, where they will announced the winners for national level awards.

*sigh* i still feel kinda bad leaving my group members behind. i had briefed everything properly to them this morning... gave my files to them and etc.. asking them to continue the project without me first, and called me if need instructions or help. we were actually gona sleepover at wieNie's house to do the sculpture on Saturday night. so... i guess after i get down from the plane on tat night, i'll straight away rush to her house and work with them. i just couldnt leave them behind =_=''''

ma mah~~~ everything will be ok la~! wait. not. my lecturer simply ASSUMED things again. *toot* la. he kept saying that our sketches not really tat good.. not enough design development... we didnt do it in a correct order... aduh.. please la. don't simply say ok? how do u know that our sketches arent good or not enough or not correct when we didnt even show you? my group's design development is going perfectly well and the other lecturer approved oledy. and i thought you told us b4 that you only checked the typography part on the sculpture, not the sketches. that's why we only look for the other lecturer who is marking our design development. thank you :) *sigh*.. he can be a fun 'friend'. but the way he keeps assuming things and think tat he';s right always pissed me abit =_='''

ok! forget about this. GOOD NEWS FOR IKUTA FANS and bad news for Hilary.

*original news*


 女优、成海璃子=なるみ?りこ=(15)が来年1月8日スタートのフジテレビ系ドラマ「ハチミツとクローバー」(火曜后9?0)に主演すること が6日、分かった。原作は累计813万部の人気コミックで、美大生5人の青春ラブストーリー。相手役にはジャニーズJr.の生田斗真(23)が决定した。 “天才子役”と言われた成海が、中学3年生ながら、大学生役に挑戦する。




 「成海さんは、『はぐみ』というキャラクターの复雑な魅力を具现化できる稀有な女优さん」とフジの泷山麻土香プロデューサー。また、成海の主演 映画「神童」のポスターで、成海を初めて见たという原作者の羽海野チカさんは、「天才ピアノ少女の役ということでしたが、本当に天才に见える女の子だ、と 思いました。キリッと立っている姿がとても印象的で、彼女に『はぐみ』をやっていただけてうれしい」と喜んでいる。


 主要登场人物5人を谁が演じるのか、ファンは大注目。はぐみ(成海)にひと目ぼれする建筑科の竹本佑太役に决まった生田は、「今回は平凡な学生 役。竹本の恋爱や进路における葛藤をどこまで深く表现できるか、自分にとって新たな挑戦です」と気を引き缔めている。映画版との比较でも楽しめそうだが、 フジによると「はぐみと佑太役以外の3人は、现在キャスティング中で决定していません」。


 ◆タイトル 『ハチミツとクローバー』
 ◆放送日时 2008年1月8日(火)スタート
毎周火曜 21时放送~21时54分放送
<初回のみ10分拡大 21时~22时04分>
 ◆原作 『ハチミツとクローバー』羽海野チカ
  脚本 金子茂树 (『危険なアネキ』『プロポーズ大作戦』ほか)
  プロデュース 泷山麻土香 (『プロポーズ大作戦』ほか)
鹿内 植 (『ファースト?キス』ほか)
  演出 谷村政树 (『ライフ』ほか)
松山博昭 (『ライアーゲーム』ほか)
 ◆出演 成海璃子
生田斗真   ほか
 ◆制作 フジテレビドラマ制作センター
 ◆制作著作 フジテレビ

*translation.. summary of it*

Chika Umino's popular "Honey and Clover" is the latest manga series to be adapted to television. It was turned into a movie in 2006, starring Yu Aoi. This time, 15-year-old actress Riko Narumi will be taking over as the lead character, Hagumi Hanamoto.

"Honey and Clover" follows the lives of five college students and their love triangles. Hagumi is a talented artist in her first year, even though she appears to be much younger. Toma Ikuta has been cast as Yuta Takemoto, the lead male character. The remaining main cast members have not yet been announced.

The drama will air on Fuji TV at 9:00pm every Tuesday, starting on January 8. Filming starts near the end of this month.
mahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahha~!!!! another Jadorama for Toma!!!!! YESH~!!!!! and Hil... he's gona be the main character for your favourite anime.. what are u gona do? XD *smirk* omg~! cant wait to see his acting in Honey and Clover. Go Toma!!!! :D

i know... most ppl would think tat he's more suitable to act as tat Morita-senpai..since he has a very wacky personality. but then, this is a great opportunity for him to try a different kind of character instead of always acting as a bubbly one. acting as Takemoto no doubt will be a big challenge for him. but he's a great actor, and i'm sure he's gona portray Takemoto in his own unique way.. just like what he did to the 'Nakatsu' character. but be warned though... this is live action drama we're talking about. not the anime. so plz dont compare the live action drama to the original Honey and Clover anime. Japanese drama producers love to change the storyline and make up their own, like Hana Kimi. according to the Japanese news, live action Hana Kimi is so darn different from the manga, but the producers had done a great job on the drama. u cant deny that :)

mah~~ cant wait to see Toma's version of Takemoto-kun!!! January 8, 2008... i'l wait for u XD

yay~~ :D

and this appear in the 2007 December issue of DUET (a jap magazine)

*runs b4 any Toma haters try to throw either tomato or tuna fish at me*


Hana said...

TOOOOMAAAA!!! OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! He's so hilarious!!! A brilliant actor!!!! I hope he becomes super famous and make more movies!!!

H&C!!!! One of the nicest anime drama ever!!! Can't wait!

eichi said...

A brilliant actor!!!!

i love this line the most~!! nyahahahahhahahahahhah! Toma Toma Go Go Toma Go Go~! *mimicks Nakatsu's action*

Hana said...

LOL u mean the go go part hia?? omg, tht was my fav whn i first saw it on ammy blog and waited truout the entire drama for it haha. His expression!!! Lovable!!!

He is so cute when he talks to himself =D the voice and gestures. So perfect.

Ikuta Toma....the best thg tht happened to Jdramas!

Am liking him more and more each day =)

eiChi said...

you think? i'm totally in love with him already XD wallpaper him la.. phone wallpaper also him la... printed out his pictures la... check Toma's forum everyday for latest news.. it's like i've been poisoned oledy. LOL

Faye said...

toma as takemoto...this may be interesting...

how bout the other cast for HnC? any word? how many eps is the drama anyway?