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a few weeks ago my dear Green Road's principal ak.a. Putit was very kind enough to nominate me in duno what 'best student for cacated ppl' award organize by the government. national level. so i went to school to fill in the form and also handing in a stack of my photocopied certificates (they want them all)

a few days ago, Pn Chong called me and wanted me to attend this year's GRSS Hari Pelajar Cemerlang. she sed i got some prize to take... maybe it's about SPM one kua... n so i decided to go since it's been a long time i got the chance to 'socialize' with my Form 6 friends XD

this morning the school called me again. tellin me sth that totally stunned me... the government wants me to FLY to KL this Thursday, 8th November... ... ... ... and this is ALL the info i got O.O''' wtf... at least tell me the time and how long do i need to be there @.@ plus the place to stay and how about the flying ticket? are they gona pay for me? =_=''' besides i'm rushing my finals now so i cant stay long in KL... ... i just couldnt leave my group members alone (weee~~ i'm so responsible XD) n now the government wants me to photocopy my certs again.. they want another pile of it O.O''' Cik Lily Liew from GRSS is helping me to get more info about this thing and i'm going to school tomolo to be briefed....

gyaaah... this is too sudden la..... and after that 'shocking' incident i got another more 'shocking' news in Brenna's car.... he is going to TOKYO on the 5th of December.... ... ... ... at first i thought i heard it wrongly. thn when he sed it again i was like a fish.. opening n closing the mouth.. only the word 'Tokyo' comin out from it.. thn i burst out :" You're going to TOKYO??!!!!" followed by numerous cursing under my breath... lol.... i know.. i shouldnt do tat... but i was in total shock this morning O.o''' i only calmed down when he sed he's gona by things for me... now my dear brother *evil smile* i want Toma postersssssss.. n the weird bun necklace tat both of us saw in the jap magazine...more anime stuff..... Japanese food.... Japanese fan.... ... more Toma... ... nii-san~ u know what to do liaw hor? hiakhiakhiakhiakhiakhiakhiakahiak..

damn.. he's going to Tokyo... one of my biggest dream which i wana achieve b4 reaching 30. n now he's goin oledy! teme~~!!! *becomes Haruhi* rich bastards..

oh btw, i cut my hair like Nakatsu's oledy.. only it's so damn shorter thn his... i showed Nakatsu's pic to the barber, but my hair still turned out like this. gyaaah~~~ nvm, it'll grow longer n by January i'll have the exact same hairstyle like his! mhahahahahahahahaha~!!!!!! n now my hair is in darker shade of red. with abit of purple! lol~!!!


i duno how to put pictures in sumone else's Friendster testimonial.... i tried to giv a Toma pic to Hana tru testi but failed. so i decided to put here instead XD


i'm going off to continue my work liaw~~~

ciaos~~ mahahaha!

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