eee~~ look~! November sky~

November has come...


and the whole month is about finals and more finals. finals like designing and constructing a sculpture with meanings behind it; pretending you were a historical artist eg Da Vinci and produce a A1 size acrylic painting just like him; giving impressive english presentation and for your info i've being placed the 1st one to present; and writing a 10-25 pages long of report for Malaysian Studies.

when ppl ask me: "when is your final exam?"
i laughed and sed: "oh, i have no exam. i only have final assignments.. which take up a month to complete..."

oh yea, time management is important now. i cant just focus on one final. gaaaaah...

i don't really like ppl to think that drawing is easy. wait. let me rephrase a bit. drawing IS easy. but drawing for the sake of passing grades is not. and drawing + designing for astounding remarks is even harder. it's not just the quality of your drawing that counts, but the ideas as well. if the lecturers found that you're using stereotypical ideas that don't give them any impact at all... die~~~

so my fellow juniors who would like to join some art+design Uni in the future,. be prepared first.

hmm...come to think of it, next year onwards i'll be dealing more on computer + multimedia softwares...or wadever you call them. i'm gonna play around with musics, videos, movies, web page... gyah~ anything to do with multimedia productions la~! so which means.... i need a better PC ... hiakhiakhiakhiak. that with better RAM and graphics card..bigger disk size.... Ah Kiam and Piaw, if you 2 happen to read this, tell me what else i should need for a better working PC. Arigatou da~!

hmm...i just realized that the post today is kinda random. i just write wadever that pops up in my mind.

oh btw, i'm gona have my hair done tomolo! YESH~! i've been saying that i wan a new haircut since i forgot when. i'm gona dye my hair a darker shade of red and cut my hair like Nakatsu. well..maybe a bit longer. mahahaha~! cant wait!!!


i know some of you are getting tired/irritated of me putting up Toma's pictures every time. but what to do? this happens to be my blog plus Toma's my current obsession..just like how some guys love to post nth but screen shots of their favourite games on blog. if you don't like it then just ignore it la~ i'm not asking you to like Toma also XD and if must, just join the Hate Toma Club created by my Hil-chan (yes, i'm his master cos he calls me 'eiChi-sama' everytime. but he still oppse me XD).

btw, assumptions is the mother of all fuck ups. don't forget that. don't just jump to conclusions without even seeing him on shows and acting and performing. thank you :) but if you already have and still dislike him, then i'll still be posting his pictures also. mahahahahahaha~! XD

mah~~ Toma-san desu!

for Toma fans. do you want to see his on stage performances from year 2003-2004 (as 3 Tops)? i have the links to them where you can download high quality videos and watch. or Hana, do you want me to burn them all for you since i'm going back to Green Road also for Hari Pelajar Cemerlang. trust me, you wont regret seeing him dancing and singing in high quality videos :)

i guess that's all for today's post XD

*small note: Toma is just my idol. loving him deosnt mean in real life i desperately wanted him too. i'm still a tomboy that prefers to be single. domo XD*

as for the translation for the previous post........ here's a summary of it.

- it's been a long time since i write my post using chinese. used to have one chinese blog where i wrote all my secrets.

- lecturer rejected my Toma's drawing as he sed that the picture is too plain. besides, he concluded that i was jealous of someone else's drawing just because he saw me praising that fren of mine, thus wanting me to redo. i wansnt tat 'kiasu' la. but his assumption made me wanted to prove to him my real power...XD so i did a drawing that made him nodded his head like duno how many times. i guess this is my 'kiasu' part.

- girls screamed "handsome" when they saw my Toma's drawing while boys sed :" beautiful girl" when they saw it. n i think i understand why Hil sed Toma's a freak+gay. he looks too pretty for a guy XD

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala~~ my blog is gona reach its 2 year anniversary soon~~ XD

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