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mahahahahaah~! my sis had brought back this J.Co Donuts for me and dad! :D i tell you~ these donuts are sold like CRAZY at KL. i wonder why... i tasted it just now.. hmm.. not bad. i'm still not quite addicted to it XD lol! its charm doesnt work on me.

but meh~ just follow the crowd for once. :p

J.Co Donuts!!

*btw, my sis came back for a business meeting. she'll be going back tomolo night*


~:*:白雪不是公主:*:~ said...

没有想到你也是cosplay同好 ^^

eiChi said...

haha~ yea. the donuts tasted good :D i like it~

and yep! i like cosplay too but didnt really have a costume. usually i just wear like as if i'ma Harajuku/Visual Kei girl :)

btw~ nice of you to drop by my blog :D