went to Hannah@Hana-hime's birthday party last night. (actually it's a Hannah and Ariel's birthday party. Ariel's on the 12th while Hannah's on the 18th. so they decided to combine) hohoho~ and i was evil enough to give her a present that would no doubt make her squeals. and i was right. mahahahahaha~! go to her blog to check it out. i forgot to take pictures of the present i gave her XD

anyway. i thought i was so late when i arrived at her house at 7 sth pm. fortunately they hadnt started easting yet and the guys were still preparing the charcoal for barbecue. so i went inside the house and saw them all~

L to R: someone, Ammy, Abi, Faye, Wenli and of coz~ the Hana-hime~! :D

Ammy taking a pictures of us while i was taking a picture of them.

see, Ammy? i didnt expose ur face on the net XD just like what u told me to do :p i'm such a good friend XD

btw, i'd edited the photos alot~! the original ones are sooooo yellowish coz they are yellow lights everywhere inside and outside of Hannah's house XD

ok! this post is gone be just photos and some captions. coz basically all we (Faye, me, Wenli n some others) just wandered around the house (from the living room to the music room then to the car porch for food thn to the music room again XD) chit-chatting around and played with Hannah's music instruments :p

while waiting for the food~~~ barbecue~!!! :D now i know how to see whether the chicken is cooked o not , all thanks to Matt and Ariel XD

lol~! PEACE~~ XD this is supposed to be just a Wenli and Hannah's pic but Abi came in too after she saw me holding my cam :p

Wenli~! the Queen of all kinds of weird but cute poses! XD lol! jk jk XD but u really look cute here :p

there~~ Wenli and Hannah :D

Ariel and Hannah Sim :D the 2 birthday girls :D

i think this was when we were all arguing about Japanese ppl's height. :p Toma is really 173 cm tall~~ he's taller thn Yamapi now~ :D

Abi: "shhhh~~ don't tell Matt i etc etc etc"
yea.. the line was sth like tat XD

and the couple arrived~! :D Nasha and Yun Yew~~ they arrived just after we had finished almost all of the food.

and among us there's this bottomless pit. LOL! jk jk XD but really. Faye was damn hungry i think.. :p

food food barbecue barbecue~~

Nasha and Wenli~

BFF!!! :D

erm... ... i duno what to say.. LOL

cake cake cake cake~

yay~~ time to sing Birthday song and cut the cake~~ :D

group photo :P


wish you two will live happily ever after and got the chance to meet Tegoshi and Massu XD

and just dont forget about me la~ esp when u guys move to California next year :)



2 posts without Toma O.o''

yay~~ :D

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