i am so extremely lazy to blog about anything these days~!! =_=

Sunday went to Pop Wave with my Architecture course friends. this was my first time to go Karaoke with my friends :) n i'm so glad that they invited me too :D we sang alot alot ALOT of songs until my throat was almost dry. and after the Karaoke session we went for dinner again. we stayed in the restaurant from 7 pm till 9 pm XD know why? coz after eating we were just gossiping around! XD haha! somehow it felt so good to be able to 38 with a bunch of girl friends after staying at home, staring at the PC screen 24 hours everyday. after all, i'm a girl. it's normal for us to 38 :p

Hilary had introduced this one super lovely and funny anime for me to watch.. n oh my~ this anime makes me wana get a boyfriend next year XD lol!!! seriously! the anime is called Lovely Complex and is a love comedy. no mushy-mushy scenes inside. even if there is it'll be a sweet one, coz the couple inside is so damn hilarious enough to begin with. the anime deals with issues like crushes...rejection...determination to steal one's heart...separation and some normal couple issues. very nice to watch la! it's the only anime that makes me glued to my seat and watched finish the whole 24 episodes in just one day since the start of holiday XD besides... the main male character inside is funny and hot at the same time! nyaaaaaa~~~~ i'll get myself a guy like him next year! hohoho~!!!!

and you wont believe this. my mum is actually quite open to discuss this topic with me now. usu she'll just lecture me saying tat i'm still young n concentrate on studies first. this time however, when i mentioned one day during lunch that i want my future boyfriend (if i'm goin to have one) to be handsome and tall, i tot she's gona lecture again.instead she replied me :" if can good lor. but the most important thing is tat he'll take good care of you." and i swear to you, i was shocked when i heard tat O.o''' *p/s there's other reason why i said i wana get a bf next year, which i can NOT reveal it here =_='''*

oh my oh my. i really am growing up. the me now even care about the way i dress. well of coz i;m still a tomboy la! eesh. i found out tat my style is more towards the Japanese street style. mix n match anything i hav in my wardrobe. one friend of mine from Inti even commented tat my trademark style is "randomly wear"..lol... what the heck? O.o''' but it's quite true..... but one thing for sure is that , i still don care about any makeup and skin care... thank god =_='' the only thing i put on my face is my glasses.

anyway. realized some 'philosophy' during these days.. that is, 做人做到底. direct translation : if you become a human, thn become the real human. yea yea. this is just a direct translation. for me there's a hidden meaning. n this hidden meaning is my weapon to build a good social life in this cruel world :D


time to draw a Christmas art XD

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