I feel goood~ :D

it's really great to meet up with my form 5 classmates@buddies again :D we had a gathering last night and quite many were there. me, WenLi, SiangLing, Allan, Melvin, Aylwin, Jason, Diana, WernThing, SzeMin, Fanny, YingYing, Eileen and Jerusha (although the last two wasnt in 5I last time, but heck, who cares? XD)

we had dinner together at Causeway Bay (inside Crown Tower) from 7.30 pm till 10 pm. XD it's been a looong time since we last met each other (except for some XD). now this explains the reason why we sat there for such a long time. we chatted + gossip trying to catch up with any latest happenings that happened on our friends.

Allan.. n he doesnt change at all =_='''

Fanny and Yingying~ :D

SzeMin was happy and WernThing just looked blur XD

listening to the latest news of blablablablablablabla

seriously, we just gossip XD plus many many other random topics :D i had to order another drink just to quench my thirst after talking n lafing for so long.

LOl~! they were meeting and Jerusha was the boss!! :D nola.. she just happened to sit there and had that expression on :p

Jason.. a very 'good luck' boy. loves to 'K' books :p

the restaurant closes at 10 pm, and we still didnt feel satisfied at all so we went for another round at the new food court beside 4th Mile Everise. by this time some of them oledy went back. i stayed with them since i'd be following Jason's car home. this time we just ordered drinks and Aylwin n Diana ordered char kueh for us to share. i ate porridge :p and guess what? we met some of the 5J ppl there too XD Chris Chung, Piaw, Joseph, Gary n Caleb. such coincidence, eh? :p

SiangLing (mind u, she onli loves to camwhore using her webcam...). Aylwin, Marvin, Allan and Wenli :p

btw. the new food court was packed with ppl last night O.o''' i was really shocked! i didnt take any photographs of it coz it'd be too dangerous =_= who knows suddenly some guy would come and snatch my precious away. no way~!

anyway, we stayed until 11.30 pm thn we baru satisfied and went home :) hehe... luckily my mum didnt say anything XD usu she would call by 10 pm, 'ordering' me to go home XD

mah mah~~ i guess our next meeting will be during the Chinese New Year :D cant wait to meet u all again!


today went out with Yen, Ammy, Hannah, Ariel and her bf ( i guess) :p today's outing was Ammy's plan coz she sed she wana hang out with the Akiyame Forum girls XD n tell u sth, u'd never get bored when u're around Ammy ( see Ammy? i puji u ah~ XD) coz she's always full of surprises. but never ever piss her off coz she'll bite ur head off b4 i can even save u :p

we did some shopping at Sarawak Plaza (and eating sushi XD the place where the sushi turn turn turn one << style="font-weight: bold;">I Am Legend. and oh my... i cried alot during the first part of the movie =_=... the loneliness that Nerville (Will Smith) feels is unbearable!!! and to think that his lovely companion Samantha (in short, Sam, his faithful dog) died in his own hand!!! T______T

but i dont really like the ending though... too... sudden n there;s no realisation within Nerville that he's actually a legend among the vampires, thus comes the title of the movie, I Am Legend. the producers had changed the ending.. and i dont like it. i still prefer the original story where he's the only human in this world with no other survivors. nah~ i wont spill any more spoilers :p

one thing i like so much about this movie is Will Smith's acting skills. my god, it must be difficult to act on a movie with no one but a dog. and he had to act all those feelings of depressions and loneliness out. even i was affected by his acting and cried so much T___T... Ammy had to offer me a tissue. yes.. she came prepared O.O''' n i like it too coz there's not much sounds effect in the movie. unlike other vampire/zombie movies, where they use lots of sounds effects to make ppl jump off their seats =_=''' in Legend, u hear nth but Will Smith's talking to the dog. other than the appearance of vampires and the fighting scenes, everything is quiet. so u can actually feel the loneliness of Nerville.. which really.. is depressing n unbearable. i think i'd go crazy/nuts if i know i was the last survivor on this planet @.@''

ok ok. enough of the movie. we should be happy coz it's Chinese's Winter Festival tomolo!!!! :D :D :D *throws confetti*

just now helped my mum with the 'tang yuan' XD i always enjoyed making the flour balls :D ever since i was young ^__^ n i'll always be the only one in the family to be able to eat up 4 big bowls of 'tang yuan' a day. i love it!! XD and oh. now i finally found what i really want for Christmas :p

Dear Santa,

I know u just make toys for kids but plz.. plz... i beg you... BUY ME AN 'OPEN CANVAS' PROGRAM AND A BIG-SIZED WACOM TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i'd just downloaded Open Canvas trail version yesterday and tried it out instantly.. n gosh.. i fell in love with it!!!!!!! @.@ NOW i know how kid-chan (deviantart tensai) does her art in sooooo artistic n fabulous way. as if it's hand painted using watercolour/acrylic. but then the one i downloaded was only the trail version. i tried to search for the crack online but all of them need to pay $ b4 getting one. grrrrr.... n now i have only 27 times left to use it in 29 days.... so i have to use it wisely =_='''

and a tablet. another reason why some of the digital artists perform well. the strokes of the Open Canvas brushes will look more natural if u're using a tablet instead of a mouse =_=''' and u know what? Yen is getting her B4-sized WACOM tablet by tomolo!!!!!!! RM 600 ++ damn!! i want one also!! T_____T

so dear Santa. u see how desperate i am to get them??? so plz~~ help me to get them!!! T___T


:D this year eiChi's Christmas art is OUT!!!! :D

but b4 that.. let me show you how my Christmas art has evolved throughout these few years :p

1st. year 2004
Mouse + Paint

2nd. year 2005
Mouse + Ilustrator

i'm quite proud of this one.. i mean.. i actually had the patience to draw n colour everything out using Illustrator!!! O.O'''

3rd. year 2006
Graphic pen 0.4 + water colour + oil pastel + Photoshop 7

and jang jang jang JAAAAAAAAAGGG~~~~~ :D

4th. year 2007
Graphic pen 0.1 + Open Canvas + Photoshop CS2

lol.. different year.. different style XD the girl in the pic is actually my Ragnarok character :p (Brennan gav me the eye patch). n yup~! see the difference between Open Canvas n Photoshop? :D

weeeeeeeee~~~~~ hope you guys will like it :D

ciaoz~~ :D

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