ano.. although i dont celebrate Christmas.. i still decorated my chibi Christmas tree and bought simple presents for my parents XD sweet ne?? :p

and my sis said she bought me a rabbit toy for Christmas. haha! rabbit~~~ yes! i have a weirdfetish for anything rabbits. n the rabbits MUST be weird/not so girlishly-cute looking. XD right now i have 2 t-shirts printed with weird looking rabbit faces... rabbit key chains..it's very hard to find the exact rabbit stuff i want in town =_='''

anyway. am feeling groovy right now. coz i'm listening to Gorillaz's latest album ' 'D-Sides'!! totally groovy i tell you. love it so much! weird but groovy.. nyaaaa~~~

the album cover!!!! Gorillaz is the best visual band ever!!!!

so far my favs are Hongkongaton, Bill Murray, We Are Happy Landfill.. aiyah!! I LOVE ALL THIER SONGS LAHH!!!!!! GORILLAZ BANZAI!!!!!! :P

ok ok. the pictures below are just sth to share :p

played abit of RO just now...killed Christmas Poring... and got Christmas costume XD

lol.. i look so feminine!!!

KYAAAA!!!! i was really shocked at the way i sit!!!! usu when i'm in my Gunslinger costume my sitting pose is sooo tomboyish!!!

and erm.. yea.. i was rude to Santa.. abit......

and to finish off this post!!! plz read these 2 Death Note parody....

hehe.. got the pic from Colonel....


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