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finally i've decided to blog about this XD

the SAMS Anime Club Gathering :)

yup. the Swinburne Anime Society had organize a gathering for all the anime lovers in Kuching. around 50 ppl turned up that night (Friday night) including me and Yen. well. Brennan had rash so he couldnt attend. poor him. so, both me and Yen had to tumpang Melvin's car to go there. Thanks Melvin! :D (btw, his car is cool. like Transformer XD)

now. i want to keep this short and simple, as to tell the truth, i'm not really in the mood to blog. my mind keeps telling me to do sth else, which i duno what yet. strange? i think so too. anyway. move along XD

we arrived around 7 plus and i'd met quite alot of old friends there :) like Amy, Li Chiek and Sherrie. some others also came and talked to me, saying that they know me through my blog or deviantart or Akiyame forum. well. it's great to make more new friends :D saw Allen too.. the photographer.. thn Jimmy with his few friends whom i met b4 during the bloggers meet last time. after that Lance came n tried to poke me n Yen while Lance 'poisoned' me with his flash light from far. goddammu~! oh! and i finally met Serene in person :D most SAMS members dressed up as maids and butlers to serve us. cute ^.^'''

they are around 20 figurines which were on display that night at one side. i only know some like Suzumiya Haruhi, Yuki Nagato, Shen Hua, 3 Lacus Clyne. the others i just saw them b4 in magazines... shit.. they have them all!! O.O''' and one is about RM 100 plus! temee~~ i want one too.

when me and Yen went to the toilet, this was what we saw XD

lol! ok! these were the Swinburne ppl. Videl (in white lolita dress), Swing (2 pig tails) and the other one which i'd forgotten her name! sorry! T_T

yup! they were dressing up for the night :D they all looked so KAWAII!!!

yea yea~ Swing, i know you like her hair so much XD

the night started off with an Ice-breaking game.. instructions were given out and we had to do the things according to the instructions to earn points... like shouting 'banzai' and doing Lucky Star pose. also we had to collect some ridiculous stuff like collect 11 pair of shoes. at first our table only me and Yen were enthusiastic about it. what to do? we were the youngest at that table. we sat with Jimmy and his gang :P but gradually they all joined in too. haha! oh well we didnt really collect 11 pairs of shoes or 9 watches.... instead i snapped pictures of the said item and gave them to our butler (which happens to be AJay..i only know his name last night in Billy's blog) who seemed to be amused at first but slowly getting annoyed after that XD sorry dude XD

maids and butlers

Lance and Intel (these are their screen names btw)

Rain@Ian@President giving out instructions.

after that was the dinner time! so we just eat eat eat and eat.

food food food food meishi meishi meishi meishi

and eat

and i caught them!! mahahaha XD Serene (the maid) wif her bf while AJay (the butler) with his gf :p hope you guys wont mind. :p

Intel was sitting at the table beside ours and both of us had a kind of "shooting war". he kept flashing his flash light suddenly trying to take my pictures and i 'gladly' returned the favor. in the end it turned into 'who snapped the fastest/ blocked the fastest war'. n i won. i think.

see? i was faster then him! mahahaha!

anyway. the night moved on with performance done by Melvin. he brought his Star Wars punya Light Saber with him and performed. basically it;s just swinging the saber around with practised movements and steps. it's quite like the real one i tell u, esp when they turned off the light and what we could only see was the thin line of red light swooshing around :D after tat performance, Lance stepped in with his Ninjaken a.k.a a kind of Samurai sword. and they were arguing/debating on which weapon is better in killing. thn they started to drag some people out to vote. most of them chose the Light Saber. kesian Lance. lol! nvm, he had Rain with him XD yea..the president of SAMS is Rain@Ian.. and he supports Ninjaken. well.. after the voting (Light Saber won), they still wanted to fight. then suddenly 'Colonel' came in to hold them back, and took out his guns XD lol! we were laughing so hard at this! esp when 'Colonel; looked like some character that came out from Matrix! oh well.. he lost anyway, as both Melvin and Lance strike first b4 he could even fire. haha

erm.. Intel was choosing which side he should join...

fighting stance~! STARTO!

and here comes the Matrix dude. lol!

a forum/debate was held after that. n the topic was 'Anime vs Manga'... i was called by Rain to go up there to talk. together with Melvin. and we get to choose our own members. i chose Yen and Billy, while Melvin chose 2 guys whom i duno their names. and aah... obviously Melvin was on the Anime side..since he have watched ALOT! my group was on the Manga side. and erm... well.. i'm not really good at debating but i managed to talk back somehow, with the help of Yen and Billy.. and also some of the other SAMS members like Gidian (did i spell his name right?) and Lance. Melvin is a serious talker i tell you. if Brennan was there last night, these 2 would sure debating like hell one!

*during the forum session*

after the forum was a game for the non-SAMS members. and guess what it is. SAMS is famous for its super 'Haruhi-ism '. so they wanted the 'contestants' to dance the Hare Hare Yukai dance. and i duno why i was so hyper-active that night, coz i joined in the dance too, willingly XD thn they began to drag more ppl up to dance, like Intel, Melvin and even Rain himself. i was pretty excited XD coz i could finally dance the dance with so many ppl! it was fun! XD

*b4 the game starts*

i dont have pictures of us dancing coz i was also dancing at that time! lol!

and erm... the worst part of the night arrived after the game. they (the SAMS) practically forced me to sing God Knows. =_=''' i shouldnt have send the link to Lance. coz he's the one who told Rain that i wanted to sing (which i didnt) and prepare the song for me. so on that night, i got no choice but to sing. and the one they prepared was in the original key one. O.O''' oh no! my voice isnt that high! i sang the song twice. 1st time failed bcoz i couldnt see the lyrics on the screen. too blur. thn they played a clearer video for me to sing. oh well... at least all of them clapped in the end.

and the gathering ended right after i finished the song. lol.... hope my voice wouldnt cause a nightmare to everyone =_='''

maaah~ overall. it was a great night for me. i was super super enjoying the night XD i got to know more people and mingle around with them. i dont care if i had embarrassed myself during that night, coz i really enjoy every moment of it (even though my singing was kinda lousy coz the notes at the ending part is too high for me T_T). happy happy! :D

more Haruhi and Yuki! i want them!! :D

i wish there would be more activities like this next time. Christmas party perhaps? :D

found a good pic of Toma this afternoon. hohoho! XD


*smile smile* :D


rain said...

thanks for coming^^

the yuki and haruhi are mine btw...

some photos are up at http://blog.iveanime.org

SH Wee @ AK said...

as wad our pressi usually says:

thank you for coming.


eiChi said...

@Rain: no problem :P n gime ur Yuki n Haruhi! lol! i'm so blunt XD

@mika kiam: np dude. u ah~~ update ur blog la! :p