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went out with the 5J gang yesterday. Faye, Hil, Hannah, Nasha, Mang Yik, Isabel, Jason, Charlotte and Gloria were there. Faye and i didnt join the others for lunch at Pizza Hut, and we went straight to the cinema at 3.30pm (Faye's bro, Tim, sent us there. thanks Tim! :D) to watch Mr Mag-wad-ever's Toys Emporium. and err... sorry to say that, it's kinda sucks. well. not totally. but yea, boring =_= there's no climax at all in the movie. well, maybe there is, just that it's too boring for us to even notice it. and you can easily predict on what's gonna happen next. honto ni tsuma nai ne~

luckily we only paid 5 bucks for that :p anyway, we hang around in Parkson after that, walking aimlessly XD and chit chatted along the way. it's good to meet them all again. me and Faye actually danced the Hare Hare Yukai dance together in the public! haha! yup~! i practiced the dance and i think i can pull it off oledy XD.. maybe still need a little more practice. the dance steps are insane i tell you! the movements are actually quite easy but the speed~~ horror~~ the speed of every step!

ok, back to topic. so some of us had our dinner at KFC (in Parkson one). i think they just finished refurnishing the place bcoz the services were just messy. not enough soft drink and burger.. grr... oh yea, one working girl at the LEVIS store halted me and told me that she still remembers me. she said that it was me who did her boyfriend's body art during the Rainforest Music Festival a few months ago. whoa~ O.O''' must be my left hand that helps her to remember n recognize me. honestly i was really 'paiseh' so i just smiled at her sheepishly and said thanks to her. lol! and oh! i finally sat inside Hannah's car XD Hannah! gambateh ne! dont be afraid of going up/down the spirals :D

well, after the 'dinner', we stroll around again.. until the rest felt like going home and left me and Hil =_=''' coz both of our dads came to pick us up around 8 T_T

hehehehe. after finished watching Suzmiya Haruhi, i danced the dance, and now i sang the song, 'God Knows'~~!!! my most fav song of the anime :D it's actually an insert song in episode 12 but goddammu~ i love it! ;D i found the karaoke for the song, got the lyrics, downloaded a better voice recorder (my old one is so lousy that it can only record up till 1 minute niaaaa) which also include softwares that help us to edit music (mixing, remixing, recording, just like u can use it to produce ur own song la)

so, after some practices (last night and this morning), and lowered down the original key of the song to match my pitch. i present u, my version of God Knows (warning: my voice at the front part of the song is a bit unstable. plz dont be too harsh on me. i'm not Aya Hirano)

go to this link and listen :p

i know it's definitely not as great as the original one. but heck! at least i did what i wanted to do XD

i have my flickr account since i got my normal digicam, Canon A540. but it's only active after i bought my Nikon D40X. i started to love editing photos and posting them up in flickr. i have also developed the habit to flick through the other pro photographers' photos just to be inspired and learn a thing or two from them. then i added them as my contacts. they added me back too. then we give comments on each others' photography, and so we become friends.

among all of them. one of them is very supportive of my photography. his name is Dean, and he's from Melbourne, Aussie.
*his latest self portrait. he never took pics of his face. n always using a mirror for s.p*

his screen name in flickr is Mr. Analog. why? because he only uses film cameras. yup. no digital camera for this dude. and he is rich enough to develop every each of the photos he took and scan thn upload it into flickr, without any photoshop editing or whatsoever. he is what we would call a real PRO photographer :)

yep~ i'm no kidding :) and somehow he specializes in taking photos of human spontaneous portraits. the focus in every of his pictures are really sharp and clear. i always find myself gawking at his photography. they are all very natural yet look intended at the same time. ad the subject he took are always very interesting. no kidding here. you can just go to his page and see for yourself. in flickr, he is my senpai as he keeps giving me comments and advises.

now i guess you are wondering why the hell am i talking so much about this dude and not Ikuta Toma XD because


ok. it's like this. usu when ppl start an account in flickr, they are given 2 choices of flickr account to use. one is the normal account, which can only let you upload your photos until 200 pieces. if you upload more than that, the old ones will be invisible to public and even you unless you delete some of the new ones. get it? thn the other one is called a 'pro account', which you can upload as many photos as you want and they'll be visible to public, plus with lots of more extra features. and of coz.. you have to pay for that. $24 ++ (US dollar) for a one year pro account.

well, i'm just a student and where the heck do you think i can get such money to buy a pro account? if convert into Malaysia money it;ll be around RM 80. O.O''' but then i really wanted to have a pro account so that i can post up all my photography there. for the past few months i kept deleting some of my photos just to make space for new ones.

there's a feature in flickr where you can buy a pro account for other ppl. in return, you;ll get some benefits too (which i forgot is what). you buy the account as a gift for them. knowing this, i posted sth like this at the end of my profile "is anyone kind enough to buy me a pro account?" but i doubted that anyone would actually go and read . really, never in my dreams that someone would actually buy it for me O.O'' and Mr. Analog@Dean did!!!!

i was- wait, i still am, EXTREMELY thrilled when i received his mail this morning saying that he had bought one for me as an early Xmas gift! and i tell you, i was really really shocked+happy+touched at the same time. couldnt help being emotional :p who wouldnt? i mean, look. we arent even close friends! we just knew each other randomly inside flickr (and u know tat flickr has members from all around the world) . and i look up to him coz he's very talented in photography and is like a senior to me in flickr (i mentioned this just now) . and suddenly, out of the blue, he bought me this gift which i thought i could only have after i graduate and earn for my own money!

so you see. i'm truly happy by this. i'm definitely going to improve my photography no matter what, seeing that there's ppl who actually supports me. maybe $24 for them is no big deal, but hell yea it;'s a big deal to me. and to think that it's from a person whom i only know about but have never even met before. really... Dean!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! and i still got alot to learn from you :D

and this is the last section of this post :)

yup. Toma again! they are the official shots from the drama itself, where Takemoto@Toma experienced 'love at first sight'

Honey and Clover drama! yeah! XD

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