Honey & Clover !!!!!!!
December is here~! :D my blog is gonna reach her 2nd birthday soon~! haha XD

it's been raining non-stop since yesterday.. and i wana go to the PC fair... someone please bring me there or else i'll rot inside my room.

ignore my last sentence. actually the reason why i am here is to post THIS! IT'S OUT!!!


Nyahahahahahahaha~! Toma has his hair cut like when he's in his teenage years :p

like this~! this was when he was around 19 yrs old.

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ he looks so cute and innocent in Honey and Clover~! Takemoto-kun!!!! XD XD XD XD

but i personally prefer he's Nakatsu hairstyle though. that suits him BEST!

anyway. another extra thing on Toma.

Toma and Yamapi are indeed best friends :) they have the same t-shirt and both wore them when filming! :D

ok ok! i need to stop my fan-girl mode and continue reading Gakuen Alice fan-fiction. mahaha... Tomato :p

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