Honey and Clover

look who's this XD


and look who are these XD XD

Ruth and Siang Ling~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

mahahahahaha~!!! yes~~it's really great to have them back and gather together again! :D after like.. half a year? :p we started to chat non-stop right after we met each other, just like how we used to be in our secondary school. aaah~ nostalgia~ XD

we had lunch together first at the Pizza Hut near Sarawak Plaza one. before heading to Riverside to watch Enchanted. btw, guess who joined the gang? :p

Jason and his gf~ Kun :D

Ruth invited them over, but i was the one chatted with them as Ruth was 'shy' due to unknown reason :p

anyway. Parkson was having a big sale yesterday so i wasnt surprised that the 'mall' was packed with teenagers and aunties. me, Ling and Wenli tried out the clothes in M&G, but the ones i picked are too big for me. *sob* guess i'll just stick back to my funky Japanese style. btw, i saw one t-shirt that i really wanted to buy. it's a red polka-dotted t-shirt form B.U.M. i want!! :D the reason why i want it so much is because 1) it's funky 2) easy to match with my other clothes 3) which are Japanese street-style 4) it reminds me of Gakuen Alice. lol lol lol lol someone plz buy it for me as my Christmas present :p *hint hint and winks*

ok! now the movie~! Enchanted. we were supposed to go and watch the Toys Emporium movie but the cinema didnt show it so we watched Enchanted instead, and wow. no regret at all XD

it's really fun to watch. :D it's not as great as KingKong or Transformers but the idea of the storyline is definitely great :) u can also watch it for stress-release XD lol! really! just imagine fairy-tale characters bump into real life characters XD just go and watch it la. i don wana write any spoilers here :P all of us really enjoyed watching it till the end :D

well after the movie we went to Coffee Bean for coffee... err.. not really for coffee. i ordered cheese cake :p I LOVE CHEESE CAKES!! we just sat there and chatted again. all those random topics XD too bad my mum had to arrive early to pick me up and Ling got a call from her mum to do some business. so we all just left and promised to hang out again..maybe next week, when most of our 5I gang come back for holiday :)

yay~! Friends Forever!!!!! :D :D :D :D


bahahahahahahahaha~! news about Honey and Clover J-dorama!!!! see who acts as who :P

Narumi Riko as Hagu-chan~~~ :D mind you, she's just 15 years old. no kidding. born in 1992

Ikuta Toma as Takemoto-kun!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~ XD

Narimiya Hiroki as Morita-san :p

Mukai Osamu as Mayama-san!

Harada Natsuki as Yamada-chan :p

Takashi Kashiwabara as the dude who chases after Yamada.. shit.. i forgot his name XD

hohohho~! now they have started filming this drama :) yay~! hope it's another great drama just liek Hana Kimi! cant wait for January 8th!

Toma!! :D

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