Permai Trip

planned a day trip to Permai Beach yesterday with my Limkokwing buddies, since i'll be leaving most of them. besides, we had finished our finals, so YEAH~!!! it's party time *winks* (sadly, my 'wife' couldnt make it coz he still has some assignments to finish.. *sobs*)

at first we were planning to go Damai Beach, but then after being halted by the guard and asked to booked a room, we all decided to go to Permai. cheaper.. it's still the same sand and sea anyway XD

10 of us went. me, Fion (my partner in crime. LOL), Wienie (another 'wife' of mine. yare yare XD), Chung Hueng, Esther, Hui Yen and her two twin-sisters (even though they are twin, they don;t look alike at all!), and of coz Brennan (my very random niis-san), who brought his ex-girlfriend along.. *ahem*

all of them play like there's no tomorrow! O.o'' well.. except for me :p i was sick, that's why T_T Fion and the others tried to drag me into the sea and splashed me with sea water. aargh~ so salty. if u were there i guess u could hear me shout at them =_=''' i was all wet already b4 i decided to go ashore. i don't want my flu to get worse :p

as for Brennan and his *ahem*... those two went missing after they played with us in the sea. they were having fun with each other at a nearby 'mountain' pool (not salty water, but real clear n cold water from the mountain) thn went up to the cafe for drinks.

oh well.. all the while i was busy taking photos together with Wienie :p *sigh* if i wasnt sick, no doubt that i'd be down in the water, happily splashing the others with water XD just like what i did during our Siar Beach trip :p anyways, i had fun taking photos also. it's not like everyday you can go to a beach and snap photos

around noon time those kids (mahahaha.. kids) discovered the 'mountain pool' and the small waterfall so they somehow 'nested' there. LOL! (Brennan and his *ahem* were still missing that time, and we didnt bother to look for them XD) again.. they all wanted me to join them and dip our body in the cold water, but i refused. i could feel that my flu is getting worse so i just sat on the rock near the small waterfall and ate my 'lunch' :p basically they are all snacks XD

after seems like half an hour, those ppl finally came out of the freezing water for food. and Fion suddenly sat on the ground and play with the sand. i joined her. at first both of us tried to make a sand castle. after that we got bored and did sth else instead (by that time, Brennan n his *ahem* went to change their clothes.. the others.. also went for a shower already) ... omg.. you wont believe what me and Fion made from the sand.................ok. i was only making a 'sand-bikini' at first.. but after seeing what Fion did, i turned into a crazy mode XD Fion did... a naked woman.. complete with D-cup breasts. i tell you.. really.. both of us were cracking up like mad. too bad Chain (my wife too, LOL) wasn't there. if he was, he would become the victim for our 'show'! XD

anyway. it seemed like a storm was coming so we quickly went to shower and return home. to tell the truth i really wasnt had much fun due to my illness, but i'm happy that my friends really enjoyed it, since i was the one who planned this trip :) Chain was a bit disappointed too coz he couldnt join us. he called me up last night. i promised to take him out together with Fion and the rest for a movie on Friday since he's leaving on Sat. he;s going back to Miri and probably we wont be seeing each other for a year or so. frankly me and Fion are quite sad about it since we've been good buddies from the start of the year.

btw, i'll be going out with some of my 5I buddies tomolo :D Ruth~ Wenli~ SiangLIng~~~ i miss you all!!!!! finally we can get back together just like old times :) too bad Cindy's still in Malacca though, or else the usual gang could be seen roaming around Kch again! LOL!

finally found these Toma scans*evil grin*

*click to dl*

these scans are from the magazine last October.. b4 he started performing for the Verona stage play.

kk~ time to have dinner :D ciaoz~~

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