movies movie movies~~~~!!! lots of exciting new movies are coming this very holiday!!! i didnt know about all of them until i watched an entertainment TV program this afternoon...first they introduced Lions For Lambs..starring Tom Cruise and the woman who acts as the 'evil' boss in Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priesly. and then some other movies like Enchanted.. a Disney comedy, telling us what would probably happen if the Disney cartoon royal characters (as in Princes and Princesses) come into our real world. normal movies like Juno...Fred Claus... which i'm not interested at all.... what got my attention were these 2 movies, The Golden Compass and Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. i was practically jumping off the chair and shouted "woooh!!!" when i saw the casts. i really wouldnt wana miss seeing Nicole Kidman as a villain in The Golden Compass and Johnny Depp as a demonic throat-slaying barber in Sweeney Todd. not a chance! you can view their trailers below

The Golden Compass

Sweeney Todd!!

these 2 movies are definitely a 'must-watch' for me. ;P

anyway, i just watched Beowulf with Dorothy and Brennan (Dot chia us.. yay! XD)

.. and erm.... i can only say that.. the graphics is nice and Angelina Jolie is hot. as for the story.... it's just so so... i mean they around with different kinds of scenes until the whole story looks complicated and somehow.. hard to digest properly O.o''' not to mention that there are quite alot of dumb scenes inside... like fighting a 'mummy-fied' troll naked. i mean, wouldn't the balls hurt with all the bumping around? O.O''' at least wear sth la! and i'm not really satisfied with Angelina's role inside the movie. all she does was seducing some aging King, gives birth to a hybrid, thn let the hybrid do the attacking. i wana see her kill~!!! slash or chumps off someone's head! not just showing her boobs around...oops.. i got abit carried away.. anyway. these are just my personal opinions. so don't sue me XD

btw, i've read Hana's post and woah~~ now she's so into NEWS XD( if u dont know who they are thn just go check her blog *winks*) esp Tegoshi.so this means that.. Toma is all mine~~ MINE~~ XD ok, don't say that i'm a rabid fan girl coz i've seen worse. u know those Toma fan girls from Taiwan/China actually put alot of efforts making Toma's videos... Toma's fan-made photobook... Toma's fanfiction.... Toma's t-shirts... Toma's calendars... Toma's this and that. yeah.. i was really shocked when i first went to their Toma's fan site. i mean, i just go there to 'steal' pictures and found out that there're a lot more O.o''''

ok! time to go to sleep and heal my flu... yes. i;m still sick. hallelujah XD

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