my 1 year of Foundation in Design is over~!!!!!!!!!!! and i welcome you~~~ my degree course~ Creative Multimedia~~~~ :D :D *throws confetti*

1 more month and i'll be packing my things and fly to Cyberjaya, leaving my parents and some of my LICT buddies... *sobs* i'm so gona miss them. oh! and also my dog, Meeko!

WOOF!!! this is my handsome dog :D

so! the plansss i have for this holiday b4 i go to KL are....~~

ja Jaaaaang~~

1. continue to download BLEACH
2. continue to download Gundam00
3.watch Trinity Blood/ SuzuHaru/ Samurai Deeper Kyo/ Blood +
4. watch Hana Kimi again
5. edit my photography and post them online
6. draw sth to celebrate Christmas (i do this every year)
7. finish reading my Murakami book
8. go out with friends
9. movies
10. get a part time job!
11. play MapleStory/ Ragnarok

my Maple and RO character.. both are named Eimiko :D

12. go PC fair and get myself a hard disk
14. help my mum to do house chores
15. clear up my wardrobe
16. go Karaoke
17. just go and do any crazy stuff la~

haha.. hahahaha... i wana do them all.. maybe the list will get longer.. who knows? *smirk*

Toma and Yamapi.. seems like the news of Toma joining NEWS is 60% true.....


MAHAHAHA!!! IT'S HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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