yay! guess what? I'm sick!! :D

and i was just pretending to be happy about it... =_='''

well.. not really actually. i mean i would have an excuse when ppl ask about my poor performance during Malaysian Studies final exam tomolo. lol!

just joking. my nose is running by the way.

damn Malaysian Studies assignment. our lecturer gave us a report to do and make it as a group work. it's not that i mind to do it as a group.... but what would u feel when the group members are from different classes and different faculties which you dont even know who they are and some of them even seldom come to campus as they are busying themselves with their own final assignments? well.. this is the first time that i feel lost while doing an assignment.

the due date is tomolo morning and i only managed to contact 3 of the group members. (for your info, each group has 10 person.. all selected by lecturer.. randomly).. and luckily 2 of them are really good at writing so i throw the important parts to them. lol. what to do? the report must be 10 pages long.. minimum. oh well...

hentam saja la...

i feel like eating some cheese cakes now. really.


i wont stop posting his pictures unless i run out of them. so bear with it la XD

lol... two of his old photos..

ciaoz~~~ XD

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