towards the end :D

MINNA-SAN!!!!!! IT'S THE LAST DAY OF 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps around*

time passes really fast. REAL fast. i was still a high school student who was struggling to survive in piles of SPM books last year. n now? i just finished my foundation in LICT and is goin to Cyberjaya for my degree course next year (only 1 and a half hours away)

for me, one year of foundation in Kuching seems like 2 years to me. coz i have done sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things in just this one year. lots of different things. different experiences. everyday there must be something new and fresh to me. i've made many new friends, friends who have bcome my close buddies. for instance, Fion, Chain, Yen, Brennan, Nie and more. and frens from other university and work place too. eg. the Swinburne ppl, Advertlets ppl, Youngblood Creation ppl XD, Dot's family... i've met alot of people too! Lim Kok Wing himself, Sarawak Tourism Board people, Kid Chan (Malaysia's top photographer), JAPANESE PEOPLE!!!!! *shrieks* XD n etc

i was able to do alot of stuff. first time designing a t-shirt for World's Rainforest Music Festival and got the chance to go there for free; first time creating my own comic, "The Scarlet Creation"; first time playing Initial D in the arcade ( i'm fairly good.. *ahem*); first time dressing up goth for a Goth Party; first time had my birthday celebrated in the high class restaurant inside Merdeka Palace (frens chia one); first time joining the Cosplay community; first time performed an english song; first time went jamming with a rock band; first time did a sculpture; first time drawing a canvas; first time spending my whole night with frens out on the beach; first time sitting inside a speeding car; first time went to a bloggers meet; first time recording songs that i sang; first time buying a figurine for myself; first time joining the Kuching Day parade; first time to have an ang moh man whom i've never met b4 buying a Pro account for me in flickr (this really means ALOT to me i tell u); first time drinking beer... there are just many first times and i expect more to come next year *evil grins*

and thn i opened up the Akiyame Forum, which is a success bcoz ppl started joining and we get to know more ppl. without Akiyame forum, the LICT anime fans wouldnt have the chance to cosplay during the charity event; without it, we wouldnt have known the SAMS and other fellow otakus in Kuching, i wouldnt have known Ammy and Hannah and Ammy wouldnt be 'twins' anymore. my Akiyame Forum actually created sth significant :D and i'm proud of it. i swear that i'll protect my forum from any sign of 'corruption'. no matter what happens XD

you know... i really have done alot of things these year. i've tried alot and learn of new things. i want to be good in everything i do. drawing, illustrating, designing, singing, recording songs, making videos, making sculpture, photography, writing fictions (although sucks).. i really wana be good in evrything to do with art and design,and even multimedia. i also wana experienced more. i wana see more of this world. and i'm glad that i've started to do it this year, and will continue it the next year, and the following year, until the day i die :)

CHOIIII~!!!! what lo. i'm still young!!! still 18!!!

*gasp*.. next year i'm gona be 19 liaw... ngaiti... how come i still feel like i'm only 15?!

anyways.. yea.. i really enjoyed my 2007 :) too many good memories that i will treasure forever. really.. too many... and i'm sure i'll be missing them all when i reach Cyberjaya and start my degree life. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~ I'LL BE LEAVING KUCHING SOON!!!!!!!! T_______________________T

and i'm gonna miss my mum, dad, and my dog Meeko. next year no more smelly pillow, no more comfy bed, no more mum's cooking, no more astro... waaaaaaaa.......*sobs*

i really wonder how will it be like to be living with a bunch of crazy friends. will it be good? always quarreling? Honey and Clover 3??!! XD i wish it's gona be like Honey and Clover 3. bitter sweet but fun and the same time :) i watch too much anime.. i know i know.. =_=''''

it's raining so hard outside. i doubt there would be any fireworks tonight. i'll sue the weather XD joking. anyway. i think it's time to end my last post of 2007 :) and hereby i present u also my last video for 2007!!! entitled "My 2007" ..... meh.. i know.. the title's lame XD

mah~! inside this video are photos that i took along the year 2007.. aah~ sweet and happy memories ^__^

hehe.. video made using www.onetruemedia.com and the song is from the Opening theme of the anime, Bamboo Blade.


*BEEP BEEP* WARNING! THIS LAST SECTION OF THE POST IS FORBIDDEN FOR BOYS TO READ AND EVEN LOOK! coz you might be cursing throughout the first day of 2008 :D *

now.. dont say that i didnt warn you~ *smirk*

it's about TOMA~~~~ :D yes~~ this is my last post and must put wadever i want! :D

well.. after a few days of not checking up the Baidu Toma forum. i decided to go and update myself with Toma news and i almost got nosebleed all over my room. ok. i was exaggerating =_=
actually i was just shock to find many latest Toma scans from the Japanese magazines. n now~ i shall post them all here to celebrate the end of 2007! nyahahahaa XD

*i'm not a pervert i'm not a pervert i'm not a pervert i'm not a pervert i'm not a pervert...* I'LL SUE THE STYLIST FROM HIS LAST PICTURE!!!! RAAAWWWRRR!!!

yes.. those are all the latest ones

ok. i promise. really. I PROMISE. that starting from tomorrow onwards, i wont post any Toma pictures =_= and even if i want to, i'll just put some at the side bar. i know some of u hate him so much, or even loathe him. but still i don care, and i would like to assure u all that i'm not like those deranged fangirls who worship him like crazy. i just collect his pics. thats all =_=

alright alright! here's the last pic of Toma b4 i end this post. :D it's the photo of the official Honey and Clover drama TV interview :D

*shrugs* the Hagu doesnt even look like Hagu.. but oh well.. Toma as Takemoto XD

ok! BYE 2007!!!!!!!! BYE BYE FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!!! XD

bye bye :)

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