first post of year 2008!!!! :D :D :D

ahaha.. nth special actually :p i mean about this post. i just wana post sth on the 1st January 2008 XD

my New Year's resolution? hmmm... well.. to do the BEST in everything i wana do... fill myself with more art+multimedia design knowledge... get a tablet (if possible)... cant be too wild in KL coz mama would be worried sick :p ... get to know more people (expand my contacts!! XD) ... go to Comic Fiesta... what else? hmm..basically these are the ones. the list will grow by the time i reach KL and start my life there =____=

anyway. CG-ed another conceptual art. got inspired by the Gorillaz's song 'O Green World'.


weee~~~ i love the bloodiness~~ XD btw. i coloured the whole thing in just ONE layer :D mahahaha~ not bad.. the outcome XD didnt use any eraser tool at all :p

ok. lazy to type more. =_= gona sleep soon. tomolo's the day trip to Matang Wildlife Centre with my Akiyame frens :)

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