hehe..i kinda feel lazy to blog these days, esp after coming back from vacation. but my sis wans me to update my trip to Bangkok. so.. it's gona full of photos XD photo spam!!!! btw, only some photos were edited, the rest i was just plain lazy. shit =_=''

I LOVE BANGKOK AND WANT TO GO BACK AGAIN!!!! XD (when i'm rich enough thn baru i'll switch my target to Tokyo :p)

ok. here goes. First day in Bangkok! :D

arrived there around 8 a.m Bangkok time. and damn, the airport is already something 'fresh' for me to look at. i mean,big panties everywhere XD
before landing at the Bangkok airport.

see? big white panties~ :D i like the sky btw...

Thai and panties :) the wing of the plane i was on spoiled the pic. alot.

see? Thai words :D

yea. my sis :p

ok. after meeting up with BK koko's mum, sister and cousin, all of us headed for a cheap but comfortable hotel in the centre of the city. very nice, the place.. although the design of the interior not that good :p i forgot to take pictures of the hotel, but meh, this is the building bside the hotel, which serves as the hotel restaurant :)

Jim's Lodge Kitchen. :)

the neighborhood feels abit Taiwan-ish XD

thn the first tourist spot we went was the Chatuchak market. it only opens on weekends and is a must-go place when u visit Bangkok. it was PACKED, sardine-d with people from different ages and races O.o'' not to mention that the weather there is damn hot =_=

outside the Chatuchak market. before i forget, Chatuchak market is one of the biggest market in Bangkok. got about 1000 more shops inside O.o''' i forgot to take pictures of the map for the market. it's like the size of the whole Wee&Wee Garden!

at one of the 50++ entrances XD

small little coffee shop inside. sweet~ :D

only 0.1% of the whole chatuchak market.

yea.. sis and my future brother-in-law. eh..quickly get married liaw so mum can have grandkids to tease and hig, and i can bullyXD

refreshments refreshments refreshments!! *squeals*

strawberries!!! whenever i see strawberries i think about Natsume XD coz he loves ichigo~~

hats hats hats. i was about to buy a really nice cowboy hat but thought i'm better off with a normal cap :)

random shots at the scene. the weather is hot hot HOT!!

this girl was dancing by the 'street-side' (in the market) to earn money.. aaww.. too bad she closed her eyes when i took this picture. i was about to take another one but people were pushing me away =_=

BK koko with a clown hat that he found XD

thn there are people giving out FREE cola~!!!! u can get as many as u want from them. they are all FREE~! :D

one of the lady who's giving out the drinks. and this would be a very gooood picture if my sis hadnt popped her head there right at that moment. =_= i really loove the lighting and the sharpness of that lady face + sunglasses. XD

yay~! i got the Thai version Coke~ :D

we had a quick lunch inside the market and continued to shop after that. the clothes there are damn cheap~! the design are all so nice, not the Sungei Wang's ah beng ah lian type :) theirs one got style XD and if u notice, Thailand girls and boys really know how to style themselves up just like the teens in Japan/Taiwan, damn good and pretty! i felt as if i was looking at Jap/Taiwan ppl whenever a group of Thailand teens walked by. they really have good fashion sense.

i bought alot of clothes at Chatuchak market, mostly t-shirts. i think i'd bought 6 or 7 t-shirts, 2 short pants, 2 blouses and some other weird + cool little things :)

that night, we all went to Siam Paragon. a kinda new shopping mall in Bangkok. inside sell all branded stuff like LV and Dolce&Gabanna.... HuiSan (BK koko's cousin, 1 year older thn me) actually afford to buy these kind of stuff O.O''' wa~~

by the roadside. on the way to Siam Paragon. like this pic too :)

the sky way to Siam Paragon :)

ShiYun (yellow shirt, BK koko's sister, 2 years younger thn me :D ) and HuiSan :D she also has a Olympus DSLR :)

Thailand ppl are really artistic. great chandelier *grins*

sisters together :)

at one of the main entrance of Siam Paragon :)

well.. since we were still not that tired after a whole day of shopping, and ShiYun wanted to look for cheap clothes again, we headed for Bangkok's late night market,

ok. i'm sucks at night photography. i still need practise and i should have brought a tripod!! but that would be a trouble too since i have to carry quite alot of things. =_=

notice this interesting ATM machine and Currency Exchange . yep.. it's a van... wao. first time seeing this 'portable' type. XD

my sis :D

saw this interesting t-shirt. it's a nikon~!!! :D i was tempted to buy it but since i got so many t-shirts oledy.. nah~ buy luckily i got snap this picture, coz HuiSan fell in love with it just by looking at this picture and went back to the same spot to buy that t-shirt the next day. XD

ok. so this is my first day in Bangkok. all about market and shopping, and seeing new stuff XD i wana go back n shop more for clothes XD

aright~! the 2nd day of my Bangkok trip~! :D

we had followed a tour to the old abandoned floating-market area in the city. went there by boat.. and it was my first time riding on one O.O''' thank god it's not like the small sampan they use here in Kuching, or else i'd be freaked out already.

on the boat. the tour guide is a very bubbly lady XD

one of the temples by the river. sweet, the speeding boat ruins the image =_=

another one like which looks more like a real 'Wat'.

the traditional living way of the Thailand people :)


laundry laundry~ btw, i was at the canal already, where they used to have the floating market.

Sawadeeka~!!!! :D :D well.. although it's abandoned, there are still a few boats left that sells souvenirs to the tourists who pass by, like us...

Sawadeeka again :D

thn we stopped in front of a temple by the canal and were shocked by the amount of catfish inside the water O.O'' bread were given to us tourists to feed the catfish, and whoah~ how aggressive they can get! they fight for the bread and splash water everywhere~

and eeww~ u can even see their bodies surfacing on the water. yuck~! X.X

ok, after the feeding, we arrived at a Snake Farm @ mini Zoo, yay~ :D

at the entrance of the Snake Farm. yea, my sis love this photo best =_=

and HuiSan got the chance to hold a snake!!! aaah~~ XD i touched it too and the first thing i can relate it with is plastic. odd as it may seem but yeah, for me the skin of this particular snake feels like plastic =_= hard and smooth, unlike the snake that i touched 2 days after, which was soft and i could even feel the muscles inside moving.

and ooh~! she held a baby monkey too, only 7 months old XD well, yea, of coz we have to pay money for holding them. i forgot how much oledy, it's either 100 baht or 10 baht. i think is the first...

and damn this perverted monkey sleeping on my chest, it must be soft and warm huh? =_=''' and it grabbed my cap too after that. XD

there are other animals inside the farm too besides diff types of snakes and crocs. still got animals like big black bears ( not the cute sun bears we have here), TIGER!!!! yea, just one, sleeping inside the cave behind bars. i could only see its lower body (it's face was facing inside the cave) and damn, the paws are so big and cute XD deers...iguanas...some other bird species..they are all caged and i couldnt take pictures properly since the bars are a nuisance. and oh yea~ i found rabbits XD

this is one of them which i found too cute to resist. awww~~

there were also free Snake Shows too at the farm. basically they just 'playing' around with the dangerous snakes (3 types, which i forgot their names), showing us the snake's venom and teeth... and u could hear 'ooh's and 'aah's or just screams from the tourists who visited there. one of the snakes has a really swift movement. damn, it moves so fast that most of us at the front row backed away from the low fence. =_=

first stunt! provoking the snakes~! 2nd stunt! provoking the snakes again~! for the following stunts, more provoking~! poor snakes... XD

yay~ colourful pic XD

after the farm trip thn we all headed back to our starting point and went off to visit the famous Thai Silk store and the Gem Museum/store (aiyah, it's a museum and they sell expensive jewelry inside), which, sad to say, failed to interest me. and i wasnt allowed to take photos inside the Gem museum. shucks XD

ok. my sis didnt bought any silk. she's just posing for me to take pictures XD good one btw :)

that night we went to another shopping mall called Central World. also a new shopping mall with great architectural design.

the main entrance.

well, they sell branded things inside.. got department store too... at the ground floor they have shops like those in Chatuchak market, only these are nicely furnished and the quality of the clothes are better :)

like this :) sweet

i didnt really shop inside this mall seeing that everything is much more expensive. i just followed the rest around, until i found a shop named 'Oh! Anime' (i was on the escalator that time when i turned my head around and saw the title. oh i'm so happy that i turned my head XD)

:D :D not many animes, but rows and rows of mangass!!!!!!! *drools*

quickly browsing tru the shelves. ..

i'm the only one among them who loves anime/manga. so i felt abit 'paiseh' when i was about to slwoly going tru every shelves to look at the mangas i want. i just couldnt make them wait, could i? they still need to shop. in the end i just look at the artbooks section and bought a CLAMP-North Side artbook with just 390 baht~!!!!!!!!! wahahahahahahahahahaa~!!! i was so happy when i found it and paid the money without any hesitant XD well, of coz it's in Thai version, but i just wana enjoy the art! :D

ok. after that we just shopped more at the previous night market and went back to the hotel to sleep :p

oh ya, bfore i forget. me, HuiSan, and ShiYun rode the 'tut-tut' car together on our way back to hotel. damn, it was so much fun! XD the speed is faster thn normal taxi on the road and the driver was reckless!!!! XD it was really a thrilling ride :p

bah~~ to dark to see anything.

Bangkok trip~ the 3rd Day~~~ :D

woke up at 6.30am and started our journey to the now floating market at 7.30 am. 2 hours needed to arrive at the said place. so basically along the journey we just slept inside the tour van.

yay~ we arrived at the dock where we were all put inside speed boats for another 30 minutes ride to the floating market.

the couple on the boat :p

more boats were seen when we were near the market :)

peace to everyone :D

hmm.. i wonder if she has ever fell down b4.. :p

wah~~ i like this pic so much! we arrived at the floating market!!!! :D

we arrived kinda late so there were a few boats left which sell vegetables/fruits. most of them were selling souvenirs or food.

never ever buy souvenirs there. they are all so expensive. just eat the food there :p

ok. just look at how they build the 'stall'. one little shake and i think the stand would tumble O.O'''

and thn my sis noticed this one guy sketching on a boat.

i duno whether if he's acting cool or just plain enjoying his life XD

we just strolled around the place admiring the busy canal :p had lunch there and then off to ride the elephant at the nearby elephant farm XD but man~ it's 600 baht per person!!! but for me i think it's worth it since the bumpy ride on the elephant's back was fun :D

HuiSan and ShiYun on their elephant :D

me and my sis on the elephant named 'Thong Kam" . she's 10 years old and had been to China for performance b4~! good girl :D she's kinda cheerful and active coz along the whole route she kept on walking off the track to grab some grass to eat, nearly freaking both me and my sis out at first. she's the only elephant that made the trumpet sound b4 we rode on her back XD naught girl :p

ok. after that was another 2 hours ride back to the city and again, we went to shopping mall agian to get some air-con XD didnt take much photos after that since we were just walking inside the mall, shopping, and the guard there kept on eye-ing on my camera. they dont allowed ppl to take photos inside the mall =_=

waaaaaaaaarrrgh~~ i'm getting lazier to blog more~!!!! ok. so here's the summary of our trip after the elephant ride.

- went shopping inside shopping mall agian until late evening thn return to the hotel to rest.
- came out at 10 sth pm again to go and see Lady Boy @ Ah Kua show. oh man, i was really shocked at first to have really been there and see the real Ah Kua dancing the pole dance inside rows and rows of pubs =_='' they even wear bikinis and god, their bodies are even more slender thn the real female pole dancer~! the place we went after that even shocked me to the point that my soul nearly flew out from my body XD the street is called 'the Boys Street' or sth like that. and inside are all GAY bars O.O''' ok ok, i have nothing against them. but the site of a bunch of boys (teens + middle age) wearing tight white t-shirt with short sky blue boxers walking around grabbing male customers and being intimate with them made me feel nausea =_=||| now, that was a 'great' experience for me @.@ oh yea, dont expect me to post any pictures of them coz it's rude to take photos of them.

Bangkok Trip the last day~~~~ :D

we woke up pretty late in the morning since we had no other plans left :p checked out at 11.30 pm, left our luggage at the lobby and off we went to Siam Paragon again to kill off the time.

the elders went off for more shopping while us teens (me, HuiSan and ShiYun) decided to try their underground sea emporium :p and i had so much fun inside :D :D :D there are so many diffreent type of fish. i took alot of videos since it's hard for me to take photos at dark places. besides, i was just bringing my Canon at that time. well, sorry.. videos are not available yet coz the uploading speed of the videos into youtube is damn slow so i scrap off the idea.
this is one of the photos i took that i really like :) taken inside the ocean tunnel :p

the entrance fee for this ocean world is 750 baht per person. n it includes free drinks, free souvenirs, boating on a 'glass-bottomed' boat, and a 4D motion ride. 750 baht, worth it :D and i get to see alot of SHARKS~!!! and so damn beautiful JELLYFISH~! ~~~~ i shall upload the videos here when the super fast internet speed returns :p

yup. so basically this is my 4 days 3 nights trip at Bangkok :) eventful and fun. i definitely wana go back again. gaaaaaah~~~ i'm so lazy to type anymore stuff!!!! ...

i wana go back to Bangkok again to shop more stuff and see more new things!!! XD

Bangkok trip post ends here :p

oh yeah, and i finally dyed my hair red *grins~* will blog about it some other time. pls let my fingers rest =_=

ja ne~!


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