aaaah~!!!!!!!! i think i'm having a blogger's block at the moment. either that or i'm just plain lazy to write anything, ANYTHING that happened during the past few days.

well, Faye requested to see my CLAMP: North Side artbook so i guess i'll find a time to take pictures of the book and post it here. maybe next week. together with my Hana Kimi photobook which i finally got from Japan! weeee~

friends also want me to blog about my hair (for Yen's case she wanted me to blog about Lance's really bushy hair) ok. i will blog about my hair, when i got a good photo of myself first. cant stop to be a little narcissist now, can i? since i finally got the colour of the hair i want, and most of my friends who had already seen me in person praised me :) i duno why but every photo that i took of my hair didnt turn out like the actual colour. it'll always look darker in the photo. i suggest if u want to see my hair just come look for me la, thn u'll see the red colour XD but come to think of it, it's not that big deal, so just wait patiently until CNY XD as for Lance's bushy hair, well, me being a kind person wont post it here la, later he'll get angry for me exposing his then bushy hair to the world. lol!!

went back to campus for some kind of function. welcoming the British ppl who came to visit LICT and presenting our work to them. actually only the FABE (Architecture) students were the one who went only, but the lecturers wanted ppl to represent FDI (Graphic Design) too so they asked me and some of the juniors to come. and ah... all i can say is, no handsome british guys (dang, i was hoping to meet some and befriend them XD), no pretty ladies, only uncles n aunties. the presentation only started at 3pm so in the morning after welcoming them we all were left doing nothing at the cafeteria. so to kill the time i spend my morning walking around in The Spring together with Jacob and Angel. and it was kinda weird but fun at the same time to actually hang out with the ppl whom u arent that close with and with different personalities/styles. XD u get to know them better and the next thing u know u r oledy getting along well with them. and Jacob 'chia-ed' me and Angle Starbucks coffee!!!! yay! thanks Jacob!!! :D anyway, the presentation was ok, i just crapped thru coz by that time i was already damn tired and couldnt care less. the amazing thing is that the British ppl actually caught what i said XD u know one of my trademarks is my speedy talking. most ppl get a hard time to digest what i say but for the British ppl, they actually responded. lol!

haih.. my mum wants me to eat lunch liaw. this morning i was bz helping my mum with the house chores. CNY is near liaw... aaaah.. i really do think i've grown up coz right now, i HATE every Chinese New Year song out there! O.O'' i get so irritated everytime when i hear it. uurrgh... i'm just, not a kid anymore la. the only CNY song that i love is the CHinese version of the Gorillaz song, Dirty Harry. in Gorillaz's new album, they actually asked a group of chinese to sing the song and the song is about CNY. the lyrics is wacky and unique enough. i'm so gonna play it during CNY. XD


and my virtual ang pow for everyone. sorry, no money. just art.

Happy Rat Year, people~! :D

+pencil+mouse+Open Canvas+Photoshop CS2+

and thank you very much! :D

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