Jamu Jamu

wahahahahahaa ~~

i'm still alive @.@

doing the job that my sis has given me to do is... how to say.. seems never ending =_= the client of this job keeps on changing their plans. so basically i just do the same files everyday.. just to edit and improve it to suit the client's needs. n those files are NOT small and easy... rawrr... waiting for the file to open up in Illustrator oledy takes about 3 or 4 minutes. thn saving the file needs about 5 minutes. plus we have to import them into photoshop to make it into jpeg file. and me and my sis have to repeat the same procedures everyday for about 100 different files. not only this job, but my sis has to rush other interior designs job too... so somtimes she has to stay in the office 24 hours (even during weekends) to meet the dateline. my sis is a super woman =_= but over-exhausting herself is not a good thing to do too ....

it's 11.30pm and i'm still at the office helping my sis. tomolo early morning we all have a flight to catch. well.. if u think that we are slow in doing the work, u're wrong. i've been here and i know, YoungbloodCreation has ALOT of projects to handle =_=

welcome to a designer's life (actually i'm not sure about the other designers but yeah.. this is my sis's life =_=)

it's good that i experience it all first and taste the feeling of working almost 19 hours a day.. i think. and have i mentioned that i've fallen sick? XD yea, the first few days when i got here i followed my sis around, as in following her to work and etc without having 2 baths a day which i usu do and just.. 'pia'-ing around :p sis sed i'm weak XD but i really have to get use to this kind of life if i want to success in the future.

ok. i think it;s time to end the post. sis might be needing me. actually the reason i post this post is to inform u guys again that I'M GOING TO BANGKOK TOMORROW~~~ yay~~ although actually i'm not feeling anything at all.. not even excitement.... but i think i'd squeal alot when i reach there :p


oh btw, anime/manga lovers, go read Beauty Pop, a shoujo manga which is homorous, sweet, and crazy at the same time. something like Ouran High School Host Club. n the ratings on the net for this manga is 9.5 out of 10. pretty interesting XD i first encountered this manga when i was at BORDERS few days ago. after finish reading the first volume, the next day when in the office i quickly searched the net for it and read the rest of the volumes online. it's still on going but yay~ i'm liking it so much oledy.

u know my review sucks. so if u're wondering about the story-line just Google it yourself. thank you. but i really REALLY recommend this manga :)


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look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site