wont be updating for a few days~

nyaaaaaaa~~~~ XD EVIL RABBIT!!!!!!!!! :D :D

no. I DID NOT DRAW THAT! the pic was taken from a fellow deviantart member and i actually squealed when i first bumped into this rabbit pic XD i'm so wish that it was mine.

told you i have weird fetish for evil rabbits =_=

anyway. will be going off to KL tomolo for a week b4 going to Bangkok. my sis wants me to work for her first ... Genting Highland stuff again. my fellow friends/ readers (if there is any), next time when u visit Genting Highland, must pay attention to the newly made sign boards inside the theme park coz some of them were designed by yours truly. lol.. (ps* the Genting ppl wanted the sign boards to be colourful n cute.. so.. just check them out will ya?XD)

yosh~! when i get to KL i must go to the PJ's "Golden Square" @ The Curve + Ikea + Ikano + Cineleisure again~! :D lol... these 4 places are my usual hanging spot whenever i go to KL . so u can say that i know those paces to bits already. another reason why i wana go there so much is bcoz I WANNA GET INSIDE BORDERS!!! XD i remember the last time my sis dropped me at the place i spent around 4 hours inside BORDERS.. from the evening until the shop closes. the book store's guard had to shoo me away. lol. after that i wandered aimlessly around inside The Curve waiting for my sis to pick me up (she was too bz working) and when she did, it was almost 11pm and she and my future brother-in-law chia-ed me expensive ice cream and brought me to an expensive Italian restaurant to have dinner. well.. they had dinner there, i just ordered some normal desserts and snacks since i already had mine.

hmm.. this will be the first time for me to travel to a place which is outside Malaysia and have different cultures (no, Singapore doesnt count for me coz it's stuck in between West Malaysia n Eats Malaysia and their culture's almost the same as ours). Bangkok~~ nyaaaaa~~ i'm so gona bring both of my cameras there :D Nikon for taking great photojournalism photos while Canon for video shooting XD these 2 are my babes~ haha XD will be going there with my sis, BK koko (my future brother-in-law lah~), his mum, his sister (a year younger thn me), and his cousin (same age as me). i've met BK koko's mum and sister b4 but not his cousin. i got info from my sis (she got it from BK) that this cousin of his is a super rich girl and share alot of similarities with me . eg. a tomboy. short hair. haraujuku street style (yay~). graphic student too. owns a DSLR (yesh! that means i have companions to take good pictures!!:D) . style almost the same. yay~!

i really feel excited about this trip :D i mean, to Bangkok!! :D but then cant help but to feel abit worried for my mum. she will be all alone at home during day time for 2 whole weeks (my dad usu comes home pretty late)... and her health condition is not that good.. cant do much heavy house chores :( i helped her out alot during this holiday. and to think that i'll be going soon to Cyberjaya for a year.. i really am worried for my mum. i really dont want her to be alone in the house all the time. what's she gona do if anything happens? T____T no. i shouldnt think this way. heavy thoughts go away >.< !!!! i must buy lots and lots of beautiful and quality clothes for my mum when i go KL and Bangkok. must! :D i want her to look dazzlingly beautiful during CNY! muahahahaa~ XD ok. time to pack my luggage. =_=''' -------------------------------------------------------------- new artworks! "Unaware" | was trying to achieve a very traditional Japanese painting look. erm... i did my best O.O'''

"Allen Walker. No.14" | a bit of D.Gray-man manga spoiler here XD it has sth to do with the number 14 and musical notes.. n surprisingly, Timcampy too. just go n read the manga if u wana know what's really happened in it :p

Owari (the end)

and wishing me a happy trip XD

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