just a post XD


now my eyes feel much better :) so~! time to blog about sth fun~!

went out with the Akiyame members on Wednesday to the Matang Wildlife Centre. hehe.. some of you might think it's boring to visit such places, seeing nth but just plain nature. but hey~ it's good for the body and soul u know? XD we get to relax and have fun in the jungle, watching cute animals and besides, we also got the chance to exercise our body! lol XD

couldnt take many decent pictures coz bcoz i'm still not tat pro yet to know how to shoot great photos inside the jungle. *searching for tutorials online*

ammy shy shy ammy shy shy~~XD

follow the path~! :D

alligator~~~ it's not as big as the one i saw in Semenggoh. Semenggoh one was HUGE! O.O'' TEKI!!!

Steve Irwin?

dear... forgot what's the name

public affair. sun bears version

the whole tree trunk is in pure white color! sugoii~

monkey~ little itchy monkey~~

her name is Doris. last time when i visited her she was rubbing her butt on a broken tree trunk. n that day i saw her.

she was... erm.. i duno what to say =____=

Ritsumeikan Keisho High School from Hokkaido!!!

the guys :p

very very Japan-ish/Taiwan-ish, dont u think so? :D

practising duck walking?

ammy shy shy again XD

erm.... shirt fight. yes. shirt fight. not water fight.

this is a very special photo :) Hana's looking great. Brennan was heading off to finish someone with a kunai. and it was taken by AMMY!! :D ammy! ur photo got featured!! XD

lol.... ok. erm.. i'm getting lazy and tired now. i really wanted to blog about Ammy's 'hot dog. dog' and how we followed her to her house but i really feel so sleepy right now =__= maybe u can check these out at Hana's blog. Hana. be sure to blog about them.. *smirk*

man~ i'm so sleepy!! time to sleep!!

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